Jose’s roundabout review of the Vapefly Mesh Plus RDA


Roundabout why you may ask? It’s about the way I got it really. This was one of the prizes in a Heavensgift giveaway that I didn’t enter.

I entered a previous one where they gave away 3 prizes and I won the one thing I really had no use for, so I passed it on.

I probably didn’t enter this one because of other prizes to be had I didn’t want.


Someone else won this RDA, he had no use for it and passed it on to me. :kissing_heart:

Lets start at the beginning, which is of course the box.


Now it had a sticker on the plastic wrapping that said sample, so I don’t know if this is the final version.

Lots of extra bits, o-rings, decent squonk pin, screws and they included three bags of different mesh; kanthal, NI80 and SS, two pieces of each no less, just the SS alone made me happy.

Ever had a dry hit with one of those mesh RDA’s with a massive wad of cotton?


It is a nice looking RDA with knurles on the AFC, which is at the top and notches inside the barrel to make sure it’s situated just right so the airflow always hits the right spot.

Nicely protruding 510.


The manual could be a little more descriptive.


It just shows a build with regular coils, which is rather strange when you’re marketing a mesh RDA.

The deck looks pretty good and is easy to build on.

There are springs behind the little blocks so when you unscrew the screws (does that sound right?) a cap opens up for you to insert your mesh.


So you insert one side of your mesh in the cap and screw it down. Then you get yourself a whole pad of Japanese cotton, peel of the outside and use the whole bloody lot to get your cotton as tightly packed as possible.


Then you cut the ends and tuck it in and start pouring your liquid over the cotton to get it nicely saturated.

It took 2 ml of juice to get to that point and probably another one to fill the juice well, which is about 6mm deep.

With that amount of juice you would expect to be able to forget about refilling for a bit but unfortunately it was starting to taste rather dry pretty soon.


So I squeezed in quite a bit more but it tasted dry but actually wasn’t so…


Most people who DIY won’t be all that bothered with the amount of juice you need to keep this baby happy but think of the people who buy commercial juice for a lot of money.


If the tradeoff for the massive amounts of cotton and juice would be massive flavour it wouldn’t be all that bad but, as far as I’m concerned, it isn’t.

I’m not saying the flavour is bad, but with the amount of liquid needed I was expecting stellar flavour.

I got much better flavour of some sub ohm tanks with mesh stock coils. Those stock coils have a normal amount of cotton and use far less juice.


Now before you fly off the handle, this is just my opinion and YMMV, I’m just telling you about my experience.


I got far better flavour with a regular coil. I put two in at first but the ends of the coils were facing the wrong way for the cotton to go into the juice well, you would have to twist the cotton around and it annoyed me so I put in one coil and twisted it around so it was facing the right way.


The difference was very noticeable even with a single coil I got much better flavour out of it.

I’m now looking regretfully at the two rolls of SS mesh that I bought because I intended to use it on the Profile.

I probably end up using regular coils in that too.

I don’t think mesh is for me, if it is for you then this is a nice RDA, it’s well build and you can use regular coils. If mesh is not for you either, there are other RDA’s out there suited for regular coils that you could have instead.

I will have to leave it there the choice is yours.



Stainless steel construction;
Gold plated 510 connector;
Diameter: 25mm;
Postless build deck;
Quad terminal, quad clamp;
Compatible with mesh wire, single coil, dual coil;
Adjustable side airflow;
810 Delrin drip tip;
Comes with bottom feeder pin

I do want to thank @heavengifts for sending me this even though I didn’t win and of course a much bigger thank you to the person who did win. :kissing_heart:

If you think this review is a little shorter than usual you’re right, that’s because this thing here might look very cute but she is wearing me out.


Thanks for reading.


Well done @Jose excellent review. One thing I need to ask did you pull the coils out over the juice well (they haven’t in the picture) I just wondered if it would be a little more functional if there was a right angle bend in the coil tails.


Thanks bro, I did twist the single coil around I don’t think that’s possible with two coils.

Picture isn’t very good, I can’t really get it focused.



Sorry for the 3 year olds art but it did look like there was more room than there actually is



Great review cheers :beers:


Awesome review

Thanks :smiley:


Thanks @Grubby and @adary, you’re welcome :grinning:


Thank you much! Everything I need to know right there. Bravo!


Thank you very much, at least I’ve learned that mesh is not for me.


Funny you mentioned the Profile. I share your opinion where mesh is concerned (so far). The flavour was ok, but aspects of complex mixes were muted. In addition, as you’ve noted, with the increased amount of liquid used, and cotton required, I just can’t get behind it.

I have yet to use it in squonk mode though, and I have the Feedlink Revvo coming in tomorrow, so I’m going to retry all of the ones I have not been impressed with so far on it. Perhaps actually squonking with one/some of them will shed some light, or allow a different experience (though I can’t understand why currently).
I still have the Recurve, Profile, and some other one I forget ATM to try.

I have yet to try single coil operation in the Profile though. But after your suggestion I’ll definitely be doing that soon!

Great review Jose! Thanks for the time and evaluation!


Thank you bro, that means a lot. Another thing I have noticed is cotton. I’ve read a lot of posts through the years about people complaining about the taste of cotton and the break in time.

I have never tasted it myself but with this amount of cotton there is a taste that I can’t place and I think it is also causing the dryness of the overal vape.

I could be wrong but…

I’m still waiting for my Desire Rage to be delivered to try squonking with this. I’m curious if there’d be a difference.


Great review @Jose. Very well done. I find it fascinating how different peoples sense of taste are. I vape a very narrow band of flavors. Fruit and fruit flavor candies. I get excellent results with mesh. I have no idea if mesh delivers good flavor with butter, tobacco, coffee, custard, pastries, etc… It could just be a matter of our taste buds and sensitivity.

I still can’t taste anything apple. I remember when Liquid State Apple Butter came out. It was all the rage around here. Everyone was raving about it. To me it tasted like liquid ass. There was a vape store here and two of the employees thought the Revvo was the best thing ever. I called them the Revvo Bros. It was very muted to me and since they were the factory stovetop coils, it wasn’t a matter of different builds. People just don’t taste things the same, no right or wrong, just how it is.

If my opinion swayed you to buy the Profile, I am sorry. I would gladly buy it from you and the mesh if that is something you would consider. I will definitely get use from it.

Oh and you can’t go wrong with puppy pics! :hugs::heart_eyes:


Thanks Jim and I can agree 100% with you on the subjectivity of taste :grinning:
As far as you swaying my opinion, I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m not that easily swayed and when I am, it’s because I want to be. :sunglasses:

The Profile can be used with regular coils too so it’s not wasted and after I finally get the Rage so I can try squonking on a two battery device and I’m still not happy with the mesh I will drop you a PM and gladly send you my mesh.

That is, if you are in Europe. If you’re in the US it will be a no go since the shipping will make it the most expensive mesh ever.

I will milk it for as long as I can but she’s growing fast :laughing:


Another excellent review @Jose, thanks for sharing it :wink: I really enjoy reading your work! good stuff.


Great review! Thanks for the entertaining read👍


Thanks Pugs, you’ve been quiet lately but then again you’ve got your own cute little thing wearing you down :laughing:

Thank you for reading @Eddie, much appreciated :hugs:

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I actually used a fruit juice when I tested it :open_mouth: That’s right, fruit, I must’ve been ill.
It was Watermalone and I didn’t taste any of the melon just some apple.
That would’ve been really bad for you as you would’ve tasted nothing in that case :laughing:
With the single coil all the nuances where there. :woman_shrugging:

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