Is this website legit?

i want to know vapesquard is legit website or not as price of products are to low as compared to others dis anyone know…

Wow, just wow. Did this post escape from a cryptic message generator? Let me see if I can decipher this literary masterpiece.

“I want to know vapesquard is legit website or not as price of products are to low as compared to others dis anyone know…” – Really? This reads like it was crafted by someone who spent their entire education in a cave with spotty Wi-Fi.

Firstly, it’s “VapeSquad,” not “vapesquard.” And “to low”? Come on, it’s “too low.” It’s like your keyboard is missing essential punctuation marks and you decided to go on without them anyway.

You want to know if a website is legit? Maybe start by learning how to spell the name of the website correctly. The prices seem “to low”? There’s a thing called “too good to be true.” If you’re suspicious, maybe dig a little deeper than just throwing this abomination of a sentence into the ether.

And “dis anyone know”? Did you forget to finish your sentence? We’re not mind readers here. Try using Google, read some reviews, check for a physical address, or any other basic research method. Or just keep gambling with your money – it’s obviously worked out great so far, right?

Good luck, you’ll need it.


You know what really gets me? The fact that you’re clearly from the UK, the birthplace of the English language, and yet your post reads like it was written by someone who barely knows how to string words together. It’s mind-boggling that someone who was born and raised in Africa needs to teach an Englishman how to use their own language.

Seriously, how is it that I have to explain basic grammar and spelling to someone who grew up surrounded by the language? It’s embarrassing. If you want people to take you seriously, start by showing a little respect for your own mother tongue.

Maybe next time, try crafting a sentence that doesn’t make my eyes bleed. It’s really not that hard.


I put it down to creating a post, while in a car at a red light, on his cell phone and then hitting the submit button before even glancing at the screen. :face_vomiting:


I get emails from people in Africa that do not even speak English and never went to school, that are put together better than this monstrosity. If I was to take guess, METH.