Is this something to worry about?

Wit their latest release of tanks, smok changed the cotton in the coils to anti-bacterial cotton.

One thing I’m interested in is who would vape on this?

From what I know, anti-bacterial usually involves some anti-bacterial agent that needs to be pre-soaked into the cotton, and I for sure don’t want to breathe it in when vaping (not to mention that we have no clue what happens to it when heated up)

I have a feeling that smok started their own quest for a ‘healthy vape’ (which seems to be the latest trend with all manufacturers) and this idea can potentially cause harm …

Interested to hear your thoughts on this one.


There’s a lot of this crap floating around. E-juice with added vitamins springs to mind. Vitamin molecules are too large to be absorbed by the lungs so it’s a total waste to put it in.

PG is anti-bacterial so this is simply overkill. I would trust it as much as I trust Smok to come up with a decent product.

Although I must say that some of their products look really good, a shame they are so badly put together.


Brilliant Jose.

So simple, but so true.

Nothing trumps marketing to suckers it would seem…


Love it @Jose!

And next we will only use hermetically sealed atties that are single use only. Dispose of them in a separate contamination container. Have them run through a autoclave prior to final disposal. Right after we put on our vaping bubble suits of course. If I felt an overwhelming urge to worry about something and had nothing else to worry about, I guess this might satisfy the urge. On second thought, naw… To the best of my knowledge my microbial flora has gone unchanged with the advent of vaping.