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Who are we?

We are a young company that makes vaping devices, e-liquids and accessories for those who have made the decision to stop smoking. Our mission is to make your transition from cigarettes to mods as smooth, stylish and simple as possible.

Our vape kits

We make vaping devices for those who are ready to quit. All our mods have been engineered for ex-smokers and new vapers and are compact, discreet and really easy to use. We have minimized the learning curve with our devices so that you can get started right away.

Our kit line-up includes:

The iQ AIR is the lightest, thinnest and most subtle of our mods. It can be the perfect starting kit and is ideal for stealth vaping. With easily changeable disposable pods in 10+ delicious flavors and exceptionally portable design, Air can be quite irresistible.

The iQ ONE is meant for those who have already acquired the taste for vaping and want to explore it further. The mod features two interchangeable coils and can be used with both nic salts and freebase e-liquids. Plus, you can adjust the wattage on the mod for the vapor production that is “just right”.

The iQ VIVA comes with a stunning transparent glass tank that you can easily refill with new e-liquids and uses a 0.8ohm coil for a truly remarkable flavor experience. Packing a 1100mAh built-in battery, it is ideal for those who are always on the move and not willing to compromise the length of their vaping sessions.

Our e-liquids

All our pods and e-liquid bottles come in both free base and nic salt options, various PG/VG ratios and a full range of nicotine strengths.

Our Mission

We understand that going from smoke to vapor can be overwhelming — and we know that there are certain lifestyle elements about smoking that you may want to keep. Our job is to give you the tools, the comfort and the time to make an informed once-and-for-all transition.

iQ AIR: smallest, lightest, delightest!

iQ AIR- Vape Smart Vape iQ is the lightest, simplest and smallest of our vaping devices. Engineered specifically for new vapers, it has been designed to make your transition from smoking to vaping as seamless as possible.

One of the lightest mods on the market

iQ AIR is both discrete and stylish: you can hide it if you want and show it off if you will. Measuring just 16.5mm x 6.5mm x 110mm, iQ AIR is one of the most compact and lightest mods on the market. It can fit right into your pocket and won’t draw any attention to itself. With that, it’s a very sturdy little gadget made of durable aluminum alloy and carefully tested for drops, humidity and temperature changes so that it can serve you long and well.

Super simple to use

AIR is really easy to use. It is draw-activated so there are no buttons to press and no settings to tweak with. AIR is ideal for those who are new to vaping as you won’t have to adjust the airflow or decide what wattage to use. AIR is preset for a great vaping session — and even if you’ve never vaped before, you will be able to get started right away.

Quick and easy to refill

The iQ AIR is a closed pod system. This means that once your device is out of juice, you will simply need to take out the old pod, replace it with a new one and you’re all set for another vaping session. There are lots of great flavors to choose from like menthol, tobacco, strawberry, blueberry and others. All iQ AIR pods are nic salt based: this means that you get an experience that is much closer to smoking with the same level of satisfaction. Plus, there are great savings to benefit from 1 Pod ≈ 200 puffs ≈ 20 cigarettes.

Built to last

Don’t let the miniature size fool you. AIR runs on a 200mAh battery, which is enough for a good number of vaping sessions throughout the day. Plus, if you do love vaping on-the-go, there is a really good looking charging case available for the mod. Charging the gadget is a delight: simply connect it to the magnetic charging dock and let it rest for a bit. In no time, it will be ready for a new vape spell.


iQ AIR runs on pre-filled pods. For you, this means no hassle with refilling the e-liquid, cleaning the tank, etc.
Choose between juicy berry flavors like strawberry and blueberry, refreshing menthol or the classic tobacco.


There is nothing to worry about when vaping with iQ AIR- Vape Smart Vape iQ. The mini gadget features over-use protection, short circuit protection, low resistance protection and low voltage protection

iQ ONE: the only ONE you need

If you are not quite ready for a big box mod but are looking for more flexibility than what a starter pod mods have to offer, the iQ ONE may just be a perfect balance.

It’s the ONE vaping kit that can take care of all your vaping preferences: vape nic salts or free base, adjust battery power, control your clouds and more. The best part is that you get all of that functionality in the shape of a stylish compact accessory that can fit into your pocket.

A definite looker

iQ ONE is a very distinct looking vaping kit. Skillfully balanced between powerful and compact, it measures 103.2 x 33.8 x17.9mm and weighs under 70 grams. You get to choose between four exciting colors and two finish options: leather and IML.

What makes it special

We say that the iQ ONE is “the only one you need” — this is because it’s a truly versatile kit. Here’s why:

Hybrid mod

iQ ONE is both freebase and nic salt compatible — and this gives you the ultimate freedom to customize your vaping experience.

Two coil types

There are two kinds of coils you can use with iQ ONE: 0.6 ohm and 0.8 ohm. This is done to further perfect your experience with both nic salts and free base e-liquids. Go with the 0.6 ohm coil if you are vaping free base and 0.8 ohm if you prefer nic salts.

More clouds

Powered by the innovative iQ chipset, the iQ ONE is capable of delivering an outstanding cloud performance for the device of its size — you get to come very closer to the power of a big box mod in the compact shape of a pocketable gadget.

Smooth operator

Using and maintaining the iQ ONE is a breeze: easily removable drip tip, refillable pods, and replaceable coils make it an impeccable plug-and-play experience, ideal for new vapers.

Powerful battery

The iQ ONE runs on an 1100mah battery and delivers a truly lasting performance on a single charge.

Safety first

Just like all of our vaping devices, iQ ONE puts your safety first and features multiple protection modes: short-circuit, overtime, overcharge, overheat, low power, no-load, etc. for a vaping experience that is not only enjoyable but also inherently safe.

IQ VIVA has been designed for flavour chasers. It’s powerful long-lasting and compact. Designed for an intense experience in taste, Viva is inimitable.

A stunning glass tank

Viva is light, sleek and compact. It features a beautiful glass tank for both aesthetics and practicality: you will get to enjoy the colors of your vape juice and see how much of it you have left without lifting any covers. You get the device with a stunning black matte finish and there is an LED battery indicator on the side for visual cues.

Lots of vapor — if you want it

iQ VIVA can conjure up really big clouds — and you have a say in just how big those clouds will be thanks to the choice of three power settings (low, medium and high).

Customize your vape

VIVA lets you personalize your vape to the max. You can fill it with both free-base and nic salt e-liquids and experiment with PG and VG ratios. The kit uses a 0.8ohm coil for a truly remarkable flavor experience.

Our most powerful battery yet

VIVA takes things to the next level when it comes to battery life. Packing a 1100mAh built-in battery, it is ideal for vaping on-the-go without the need for frequent recharges.

iQ ONE: free base or nic salts? Your choice.

The iQ ONE is artfully balanced between powerful and compact — and it gives you options.

For one, you can vape bot nic salts and free base e-liquids on the same kit. The iQ ONE comes with two interchangeable coils: 0.6 ohm and 0.8 ohm. This is done to further perfect your experience with both nic salts and free base e-liquids:

  • if you enjoy vaping free base, go with the 0.6ohm coil;
  • if you prefer nic salts, use the 0.8ohm coil.

Nic salts are generally praised for their ability to deliver more nicotine without the harsh throat hit and, thanks to that, are also more economical (as you tend to vape less with higher nic concentrations). Free base vape juices, on the other hand, especially the ones high in VG, would do better when it comes to cloud production. Despite its small size, the ONE is quite capable of cloud making thanks to its innovative iQ chipset.

Another fun thing to play with here is adjustable wattage. You will have a choice of three power settings on the kit, which will allow you to customize your vaping experience and get the most out of your e-liquid. Increase the power to make the flavor more intense and get more clouds and decrease the flavor for a smoother and softer vape.

iQ AIR: 2ml nic salt flavor pods for the ultimate flavor chase

One of the best things about the iQ AIR is that it’s really easy to use. And it’s in no small part due to Air’s signature pods.

Instead of spending time refilling e-liquids, with AIR, you simply replace the old pod with a new one, which easily snaps into place thanks to the magnetic connectors — and you are all set for a new vaping session.

iQ AIR runs on pre-filled 2ml pods. All AIR pods are nic salt based: this means that you get an experience that is much closer to smoking than with free-based nicotine.

There are three key advantages that come with vaping nic salts:

High nicotine strengths: nic salt e-liquids are capable of carrying higher nicotine concentrations without the harsh throat hit. And if you’ve been having trouble quitting cigarettes with standard e-liquid, nic salts may be helpful in making a once and for all transition.

The smoother throat hit: despite the high nicotine strength, nic salts make for a smoother throat hit. If you vape standard free-base vape juices with a high nicotine level and don’t appreciate that the strong throat hit that comes with, switching to nic salts may be helpful.

Economical: because of the higher nicotine strengths, you will be vaping less. This means you will be using less e-liquid and fewer pods. And one Air pod equals 200 puffs, which is approximately 20 cigarettes.

On the flavor side, Air comes in all the favorites: classic tobacco, sweet strawberry, and blissful blueberry.

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What is stealth vaping? And how do you choose the right stealth vaping kit?

Switching from smoking to vaping solves lots of problems:

  • It comes with a significantly lower health risk (according to Public Health England, vaping is 95% less risky for your health than smoking).
  • There are no unpleasant odors that typically settle in your hair and clothing with smoking
  • Second-hand vaping has no known side-effects (while we are all aware of the dangers of second-hand smoking,
  • Vaping is also much lighter on your wallet

However, at least part of the stigma associated with smoking has traveled over to vaping — and there may be a variety of situations where you wouldn’t want to accentuate the fact that you are vaping.

This is where stealth vaping comes in.

What is stealth vaping?

Stealth vaping is vaping without letting others know that you are. It’s a handy skill to have if you don’t want to be the center of attention or simply feel like keeping your vaping experience to yourself.

How to stealth vape?

There are two main things that make stealth vaping possible: a compact and discreet mod and the right technique. The first thing you will need to do is get the right vaping gear. Stealth vaping with a giant box mod is simply not an option, no matter how skilled of a vaper you may be.

So, how do you choose the right mod for stealth vaping?

There are several must-have features in a stealth vape kit — and we’ll go over them by looking at the iQ AIR, our lightest and smallest mod.


Compact. The smaller your mod is, the easier it will be to use it without being seen. The iQ AIR measures just 16.5mm x 6.5mm x 110mm and is one of the lightest mods on the market.

Quick to use. Your stealth mod needs to be really easy and quick to use — the iQ AIR is draw activated and there is no need to adjust any settings or press any buttons.

Discreet. If you don’t want others to know that you are vaping, your mod needs to play the part. The iQ AIR comes in a matte black color and is perfectly shaped if you want to hide it up to your sleeve.

Satisfying. If you are being discreet about your vaping, it makes sense to not do it too frequently. AIR works with pre-filled nic salt pods that come in higher nicotine concentrations and make for a satisfying vape with even a few puffs.

And there you have it — once you’ve found the right mod for your stealth vaping sessions, you are all set to go. Now, you just need to pick up a few stealth vaping moves.

Stealth vaping is no rocket science — but you will still need to keep a few things in mind and give yourself some time to practice.

There are two main zero vaping techniques:

  • The first one involves taking multiple shorts inhales. You should take a small puff and hold the exhale. Instead, inhale a bit of air again via the mouth and nose. Do this at least one more time and hold your breath for a few seconds before exhaling through pursed lips.

  • Another way to zero vapes is by taking a quick puff and then long deep inhales (at least five seconds) to bring it into the lungs. Once again, you will need to exhale with pursed lips.

Plus, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Hide your LEDs. Even if you are using the very subtle and discreet iQ AIR, the small LED indicator in the bottom part of the device that lights up when you take a hit may easily give you away. Thus, do remember to cover the light with your hand — or, alternatively, conceal it with a piece of tape or other material.

  • Don’t huff and puff. If you want to vape stealthily, you can’t take big puffs. Even minimal cloud devices like IQ AIR can produce quite a bit of vapor when you take a long draw. To not draw attention to yourself (pun intended), inhale lightly and exhale through pursed lips.

  • Select the right flavors. While big clouds are the key thing to avoid if you want to be discreet, they are not the only thing that may give you away as a vaper. If you are vaping a strong-smelling pungent e-juice, the chances are you will get some attention from those nearby. So, what should you vape? It’s probably best to go with something light and airy, like a citrusy blend, menthol, mint, etc.

What are the pros of a glass tank?


One of the qualities that make the iQ VIVA one of our bestselling mods is its glass tank. Lots of vapers prefer glass to both plastic and pyrex — and even willing to pay a little bit extra for devices that feature a glass tank.

Glass is considered a premium material when it comes to vaping devices — and a glass tank will often be the most expensive part of your whole atomizer. So, sporting a glass tank on your vape kit is not cheap. But what do you get for the price? A glass vape tank looks really cool and gives the device a heavier and quality feel. But is it just about the aesthetics or are there functional advantages as well?


There are quite a few.

  • First, you will be able to clearly see how much juice is left in the tank. And in order to do that, you won’t need to take the device apart, which makes things quite convenient.

  • Second, a glass vape tank is compatible with all types of vape juices. And you definitely don’t want your e-liquid to get into a chemical reaction with the materials your tanks are made of. But this can sometimes happen with plastic tanks if you vape acidic e-liquids like apple or cinnamon, which will erode your tank over time.

  • Third, flavors tend to taste better in a glass tank, compared to both plastic and pyrex.

  • Finally, glass tanks tend to last longer as they are not affected by the corrosive e-liquids mentioned above — unless, of course, you drop your mod (actually, if you tend to do that a lot, plastic tanks may be a safer option).

Summing things up, there are quite a few reasons for why some vapers may prefer a mod with a glass tank. If you do, the iQ VIVA makes for a great option — complete with adjustable power settings, LED battery indicator and an 1100mAh battery.

Why are pod systems so popular?

One of the best things about vaping is the versatility it offers: you have your choice of flavors, can vape with nicotine or without and choose between a variety of kits. Today, we are looking into the pros of pod mods.

Pod mods (in their current shape and form) appeared on the market quite recently: the first pod mod was released by Pax Labs back in 2010 and had quite a few design flaws. But pod systems have since come a long way and have quickly gained popularity — especially among new vapers.

So why do we like pod mods? They have quite a few things going for them:

  • First and foremost, it’s their simplicity. Pod systems are really easy to use — and this is something new vapers truly appreciate. With pod systems, you don’t need to tweak with settings, assemble and re-assemble your device, change coils and wicks. There is no learning curve as well — you simply take your pod mod and inhale. This is what makes pod systems so attractive to new vapers.

iQ Air- Lightness

  • Second, it’s the format. Most pod systems are delightfully compact, which makes them ideal for stealth vaping — or simply vaping without becoming the center of attention. This is what a lot of new vapers prefer as they just start to explore the habit and often want to avoid questions

  • Third, it’s their ability to efficiently deliver high nicotine concentrations. As a lot of pod systems are specifically designed for vaping nic salts, they are generally a more suitable option for ex heavy smokers and anyone vaping in high nic dosages.


  • Finally, pod systems are more affordable than larger devices. The cost of pod systems
    varies from brand to brand, but most of them are less expensive than standard bigger mods. And, since the initial investment is smaller, the transition to vaping is made that much easier.

iQ One

What is the iQ ONE hiding: three features that make it a great vape kit

There are quite a few things that make the iQ ONE one of our bestselling vape kits. It’s compact, it’s stylish and it’s truly powerful for its size. But the rare a few features that make it especially irresistible.

IQ ONE- vape smart vape iq

First, it’s the variety the device offers. The iQ ONE comes with two interchangeable coils — and this means you can use it for both vaping free-base and nic salt e-liquids: free-base calls for the use of the 0.6 ohm coil and for nic salts you will need to use the 0.8 coil. This ensures that you get the right flavor from your vape juices and that you have your choice of e-juices as well: with the iQ ONE, you are basically getting two devices in one.

Second, the iQ ONE is a pod system — the kit comes with 2ml vape juice cartridges that easily snap in place at the top of the device. The best part? The cartridges are refillable. And this means you not only get the convenience of a pod system but also savings options: you can refill the pods with e-liquid until the could last. For average use, this could last you about three weeks.

Third, it’s the clouds. The iQ ONE comes powered by a special chipset that lets it produce truly outstanding clouds for its size. This makes the kit a great option for those who are looking to balance cloud chasing and portability.

Fourth, even though the iQ ONE gives you quite a bit of option when it comes to the choice of e-liquid and cloud making, it is delightfully easy to use. There is a single button on the kit and you have to do to start vaping is press it five times. That’s it. That’s all.

Finally, the iQ ONE comes with a really powerful battery. You probably wouldn’t tell judging by its small size, but the kit packs an impressive 1100mAh battery. This is more than most pod systems on the market and a great feature for effortlessly vaping on the go without hiout worrying about having to recharge your kit.

What features do you consider the most useful in your vape kit? What do you think it’s missing?

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Stealth Vaping Techniques With iQ AIR

There are two key things that make stealth vaping possible: the right vaping kit and the right stealth vaping technique. With the iQ AIR, we have the first one covered. So all you need to do now is find the right stealth vaping technique.

iQ AIR- vape smart vape iQ

Stealth vaping is no rocket science — but there are several things you will need to keep in mind. Here are some of the basic “rules” you will need to keep to:

  • Hide your LEDs. Even a small and subtle kit like the iQ AIR still comes with a mini LED indicator in the lower part of the device that lights up every time you take a draw. Even something this small can easily give you away. Thus, the first thing to remember is that you need to cover your LEDs — you can simply do it with your hand as you vape or attach a piece of tape over the LED light.

  • Don’t huff and puff. If you want to vape stealthily, you can’t take big hits. Even low cloud devices like the iQ AIR can produce quite a bit of vapor when you take a long draw. To not draw attention to yourself (pun intended), inhale lightly and exhale through pursed lips.

  • Master the right inhale. The key thing about stealth vaping is minimizing the amount of vapor you create. And there are several ways to do that:

      -You can simply hold the vapor in your lungs for a few seconds before exhaling. The longer you hold it in, the less vapor you will exhale.
      -Alternatively, you can lessen the amount of vapor you exhale even further by taking another deep inhale before you exhale or by swallowing after you take an inhale.
      -(Note both of these techniques should not be used with high-nic e-liquids).
  • Hide your clouds. As an extra measure (or as an alternative to the different inhale), you can simply hide the vapor that you exhale. For example, you can try to exhale down into your shirt or exhale into a handkerchief or a paper towel. True, that might look a bit strange, but it will mask the clouds from your vape.

There are a few other things that could help as well:

  • Use a high PG juice. Juices that are high in VG tend to produce more clouds. With stealth vaping, you don’t want that. That’s why it’s best to choose e-juices with a higher PG content: e-liquids that are 80% PG would be ideal for stealth vaping but a simple 50/50 blend would also do the trick.

  • Finally, choose the right flavors. While big clouds may be the key thing to avoid if you want to be discreet, they are not the only thing that may give you away as a vaper. If you are vaping a strong-smelling pungent e-juice, the chances are you will get some attention from those nearby. So, what should you vape? It’s probably best to go with something light and airy, like a citrusy blend, menthol, mint, etc.

Most of our devices are designed for vaping nic salts. This includes our lightest and delightest iQ AIR and the compact but powerful iQ ONE (which actually comes with two interchangeable coils so that you have your choice of nic salts and free base). So why do we prefer nic salts? There are a few things we’ve considered.

iQAIR- vape smart vape iQ

iQONE- the only one you need

Nic salts are typically recommended for ex heavy smokers as they allow for high nicotine concentrations — nic salt e-liquids can go up to 50mg/ml.

If you are an ex-smoker and are new to vaping, nic salts may prove to be the most workable solution as they can closely mimic the sensation you used to get from smoking. Thus, there is a lower risk of you going back to smoking.

Nic salts are a great fit for low wattage devices. And compact low wattage devices are (in most cases) the best fit for new vapers as they come with almost no learning curve and minimal maintenance letting you get started with vaping right away. Low wattage devices tend to be compact, simple and really portable. This means that you can simply put your vape gadget in your pocket and go about your day; you won’t need to carry e-liquid bottles or any extra accessories. And if you want to vape without calling too much attention to yourself, you will be able to do that easily.

Despite the high nicotine strengths that nic salts can deliver, they make for a smoother throat hit compared to high-concentration free-base e-liquids. If you vape standard e- liquids that are high in nicotine, the harsh throat hit is unavoidable. Nic salt e-liquid help tackle this issue (if this is something you don’t enjoy) and let you vape high nicotine concentrations without the side effects.

Another benefit of vaping nic salts is savings — that is, if you vape nic salt e-liquids that are high in nicotine, the chances are that you will vape less. Additionally, since there is less vapor production with low-wattage devices, this also means that there will be less dehydration and you may avoid conditions such as vaper’s tongue.

Moreover, nic salt e-liquids tend to have a longer shelf life and are less prone to oxidation. Thus, you will be able to keep your pods for longer and even stock up on them without worrying too much about the e-liquid going bad.

What is your general preference here? Do you mostly vape nic salts or do you prefer free-base?

How to choose the right PG/VG ratio?

Here at iQ Vaping, we focus on helping new vapers efficiently transition from smoking to vaping. If you are a seasoned vaper, you probably know all about PG/VG ratios and what works best for you. If you are relatively new to the habit, however, choosing the right mix may be a challenge. This is why we have prepared a quick and to-the-point guide with tips on choosing the right PG/VG ratio.

So, how do you choose the right PG/VG ratio?

There are two key things to consider here: what kind of kit you have and what you want to get out of the experience.

Let’s start with experience.

  • The throat hit : if you are looking for a sharp throat hit when vaping then you’ll prefer a high PG vape— and the stronger “kick” is something a lot of ex-smokers crave as it’s closer to what they used to experience when smoking cigarettes.
  • Smoothness: High VG vape juices, on the other hand, offer a smoother feeling on the throat.
  • Cloud chasing: if you like exhaling dense clouds of vapor, you will need a vape with a high VG content. The more VG your vape juice has, the more clouds you will get out of it.
  • Stealth vaping: if you want to keep your vaping under the radar, you will need to do the opposite and go with the juice that is high in PG. Check out our post on stealth vaping for more tips on keeping your clouds low key.
  • low VG juice. (By the way, don’t miss our Guide to Stealth Vaping).
  • Flavors also make a difference: tobacco, fruity and beverage flavors tend to go well with high PG blends. And creamy, custardy and yogurty flavors are a better match for high VG juices.

Then, there is the equipment. Different devices are meant for different PG/VG ratios and it’s best to consult your kit manufacturer or, at least, check at your neighborhood vape shop what e-juices your gadget is compatible with. But there are some basic best practice “rules” to keep t

One of the most popular tank types is a clearomizer. These come with high resistance coils and are usually used for vaping under 15 watts. Clearomizers are not a good match for high VG e-liquids: their coils are not well-suited for coping with thicker fluids, which may cause a dry hit.

It is generally advised to go with high PG e-liquids on a clearomizer or, at least a 50/50 ratio.

Sub-ohm tanks can take a lot more power than clearomizers and are designed to handle high VG juices well. Typically featuring extra batteries, these devices use up juice much quicker than standard tanks and are ideal for blowing large clouds of vapor.

Then, there are rebuildable. If have reached the stage in vaping where you enjoy making your own coils, you get rewarded by having way more flexibility when it comes to your PG/VG ratios.

At iQ Vaping, we are big fans pod mod devices. And these usually come with their own selection of carefully balanced pods that match the kit precisely. However, some pod mods are refillable — in which case, it’s a safer bet to go with a higher PG juice as the coils on these kits are rarely meant for thick viscous e-liquids. Some devices (like the iQ One, for instance) will make things easier for you by coming with two types of coils that you can use interchangeably depending on the e-juice you use.

So there you have it — a few quick tips on choosing the right PG/VG balance. What PG/VG ratios do you vape most often?

Popular and peculiar: what e-liquids flavors are favored in Asia?

There are over 7,000 e-liquid flavors in the world — and versatility is definitely one of the key things that make vaping great. Menthol, tobacco, and strawberry maybe some of the most popular options for vapers worldwide, but there are lots of regional delicacies that you may have never even considered trying. For instance, here are some of the flavors that are popular in Asia.

Iced mung bean (China)

Mainly cultivated in East Asia, mung beans look like small green beans and are a type of legume. While in western countries mung beans are typically used in salads or stir-fries, in a lot of East Asian countries they are a popular addition to desserts. You will find mung bean and iced mung bean e-liquids in almost any vape store across in China and they are especially popular in summer months because of their refreshing qualities.

Rose milk (Bahrain and India)

Rose Milk is a cold milk drink prepared with the addition of rose essence. It’s popular in India, Bahrain and nearby countries and, just like mung bean above, is said to be perfect for quenching thirst during the hot summer months. Rose milk e-liquid is on the sweeter side and tastes a bit like strawberry and cream. It makes for a mild aromatic vape and should be a great fit for anyone who likes fruity dessert flavors.

Jackfruit (Malaysia)

Jackfruit or durian is a tropical fruit known for its substantial size, spiky outer shell and a scent so powerful that it has been banned by most airlines. People either love or hate durian — staying indifferent to this fruit is a pretty much unformidable task. Known as “the king of fruit” in many Asian countries, durian flavored e-juice is definitely not for the faint of heart. It makes for a sweet but bold vape that may turn heads and shock noses.

Kimchi (South Korea)

Ok, this is probably not the go-to juice for most Korean vapers — but it’s out there. This famous side dish of salted and fermented vegetables is a great accompaniment to almost any meal. As for e-liquid, it most definitely gravitates towards the savory and even spicy. It’s a light vape but it does leave behind a very specific scent that may take some getting used to.

Wasabi (Japan)

Japan is known for its exceptional take on flavor. Wasabi flavored e-liquid may not sound like something you will want to try right away — but it give it time and the idea will grow on you. As the e-liquid itself. Boldly refreshing with a lingering burning aftertaste, the juice will practically reshape your sinuses offering a powering burst of cool and very earthy flavor.

Have you vaped any of the above? Do you have a wishlist of exotic vape juices you would like to try?