INW Creme Brulee (yc)

Yeah, I think it smells great but has never been a flavor I grab for unless it is in a custard at .5 to 1%, then it can add a nice dimension. I too tried it at 3% standalone and was not impressed.


Creme Brulee, if you’ve never had one, is basically a custard with a caramelized (lightly burned) sugar on top which gives you a nice crispy and sweet contrast to the smooth and creamy custard that lies underneath the surface.

As you say though, custard is a flavor that is very open to different tastes around the world. So, yeah, if you ‘can’t do custards’ (generally speaking) it’s an even bigger uphill battle to find something you’ll enjoy.

IMO, the “custard game” bears a close proximity to finding a good coffee, chocolate, or butterscotch. (A lot of crap to wade through, and even then, you’re LUCKY if you find your ideal happy place.)

As Mjag said, you might be better off trying it at a very low percentage, or simply resign it to being a booster flavor. I know I have to use Ina orange at a super low percent (well under 1) or it dominates, and then goes to the birds (if really pushed)


@anon96069639 try it solo at 1%, it is a very complex flavor on its own, I use it a lot in recipes and it can be a bully at 0.75%. You honestly may not care for it as a single flavor, but it’s very useful for anything that needs a caramelized sugar note, I use it in French toast recipes to help with egginess and the burnt sugar note helps make the bready parts of the French toast taste more grilled. It also helps butterscotch and caramel out with 0.25-0.5%.


I really like juices that claim to emulate actual creme brulee. It is, of course, like chocolate… one of those profiles that simply can’t match the real thing due to the mouth feel and other elements the real flavor brings, that a juice just can’t. So while I like the juice versions, I also know and accept that they are not a sub for the real thing. Cap VC with the requisite caramel and sweet notes stands in well for me, but I probably wouldn’t want any creme brulee single mix as an ADV.

French Toast concentrates speak a lot to me as creme brulee with cinnamon added. Yet again, another rich food that is all but impossible to replicate as a liquid. It’s good, but not the same thing. I have to be of the mindset where I know these are not real life substitutes, but good as vape juice flavors, and that works a lot better for me. This is of course one reason fruit vapes are always popular. Easy to match real life, since fruit is all water and flavor anyway.