(INW) Biscuit

(INW) Biscuit

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I heard today that Inw Biscuit (one of my favorite biscuits) may have recently be reformulated.

So far it is all indian whispers so if anyone hears anything concrete please let us know so we can go on a buying spree of all the world’s inw biscuit and double the price and make Pablo Escobar amounts of money (ok we will make $4.50 and earn a thanks from someone’s mum)


So… This seems like it turned into a commonly shared impression.

Did anyone ever actually see/find/read an actual confirmation?? Or are we just “ass out” again to find out…
(Recognizing of course, that last time, it took having a leaked internal [email] document between the OEM and a vendor to find out the affected flavors…)

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I spoke to Tom from the juicefactory over here and I did sf tests on what appeared to be the reformulated version - the colors was significantly different between the 3 samples and the smell was also a little different. After my tests steeped I tasted no difference between them. Tom got back to me and said INW got back to him and said there is no reformulation. I would put the changed appearance down to variation in batches or maybe the same situation with TPA Ripe Strawberry maybe a different supplier of compounds.


That was my main concern!
Thanks for all the additional info (and I agree about the possibilities)!! :wink:


INW Biscuit is the most identifiable, and the go-to Biscuit flavor
Dry, slightly buttery and very concentrated
at 0.5-1% is low to average use
above 2.5% you are entering wafer territory
INW Biscuit will multiply and dramatically amplify any other Biscuit, Cookie, Crust or Cracker flavor so keep low unless you know what you’re doing.