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I am working with Professor Riccardo Polosa from the University of Catania and we are trying to recruit members of the vaping community especially from the UK to participate in our online study. I have included a link and details below)

University of Catania in Italy has asked me to assist with an international project of a similar nature of my recent VSML Survey. The Veritas Cohort, under their ECLAT division and COEHAR (the Center of Excellence for the Acceleration of Harm Reduction), the University has launched a pilot study focusing on electronic cigarette (vape) users with little to no traditional tobacco use. As mentioned, this is an international study open to every country across the globe.

You have to meet the following criteria:

· You are 18 years or older
· You live in one of the six regions of the world where the study is conducted
· You have been using e-cigarettes for at least three months and have never smoked or smoked less than 100 cigarettes in your lifetime
· You have never used e-cigarettes, smoked or used any other tobacco products

To sweeten the deal, the project will provide a Takealot or Amazon voucher upon completing every successful survey response as a token of their appreciation.

If you want to participate in this important pilot study and receive a voucher, please email me on

If you know anybody that meets this criteria, please share this message.

If anyone wants to PM me I can send the link.

Thank you

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