Internal batteries and mains charging

According to my Innokin t22 pro users guide, I should connect the USB C type cable to the mains with a 5v 2 amp adaptor.

So I used something off the shelf like this:

Why then do I find advice on some websites not to connect to the wall, but to use a computer usb inlet etc. and charge more slowly.

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That charger says it’s compatible with 1.5 and 1 amp devices so should be ok just don’t leave them unattended


Like @LEED said although very unlikely for there to be an issue best not to tempt vape and just make sure you are about when it is on charge. Even with external batteries the advice is to trickle charge batteries at about 0.5amp max, it’s to do with battery deterioration! The slower a battery is charged the more life cycles you will get but sod that 2.5amps here I come and get the things charged!