Innokin Sensis Next-Gen 40W Pod Mod - Review

Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the Sensis Pod Mod from Innokin. The Innokin Sensis was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Timmy from Innokin.



Innokin are one of the old guard when it comes to vaping manufactures yet they have not only stayed relevant but are also leading the way in innovation. The Sensis is a Pod Mod that introduces brand new technology which both improves flavour but also coil longevity by using a coil refresh feature and new F0 technology which uses AC Current! After using the device for a while i am very impressed so i will crack on and share my thoughts!

In The Box



1x Innokin Sensis Pod Kit (0.25ohm)
1x Spare Sceptre Coil (0.65ohm)
1x Spare MTL Drip Tip
1x Spare O Rings
1x Coil Base
1x 510 Adapter
1x Type-C Charging Cable
1x Manual

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

I am not going to go into great detail here as there is a lot to cover in the review and a lot of these pod mods have a very similar form factor and of course photos are included.

What i do want to point out is the build quality is excellent and as you would expect with the form factor it’s particularly ergonomic and comfortable to both carry around and fire.

The main Zinc Alloy chassis is black and the colour choice refers to the padded leather spine which comes in either Carbon, Desert Brown, Navy Blue, Ultra Pink or Jet Black, this is fixed in place by a bracket which will also differ in colour depending on the chosen colour of the spine.

The front plastic panel is also the fire bar which needs pressing towards the top, the fire bar has both an integrated screen and horizontal navigational rocker. Below the fire bar we have a type C USB port and on the neck at the rear of the device an adjustable airflow lever as seen on other devices such as the Drag X!

The Pod/Tank is rounded and protrudes from the top pod bay, the pod is glass and has a removable 510 drip tip allowing your own to be fitted, the pod will be covered in more detail in a different section!


Sensis Specs and Features:

Device dimensions Without pod: 93.5x39.51x30.0mm
With pod: 120.3539.5130.0mm
Tank capacity: 3.1ml (2ml TPD)
Coil: Sceptre S-Coil 0.25ohm, 25-35W (New)
Coil Material: KAL + Seaweed fibre cotton
Changeable glass: No
Airflow: Adjustable
How to fill: Bottom filling
Coil compatibility: Sceptre Coils
Battery: Internal 3.7V,3000mAh/11.1Wh
Wattage range: 6-40W
Voltage range: 1-7.5V
TC range: n/a
Cut off time: 3-18s
Tank Used with Sensis tank, or with Sensis 510 adapter that can use with other tanks.
Max output current: 20A
Resistance range: 0.2-3.5ohm
Body material: Zinc alloy
Connection Magnet
Charging current: 5V 1.7A
Charging indicator: Charge bar
Battery capacity indicator:<20% - Red; 20%-50% - Yellow; >50% - Green
Colour: Carbon, Desert Brown, Navy Blue, Ultra Pink, Jet Black


What You Receive?

You receive the Sensis pod mod with a 3.1ml capacity pod/tank which in my case being the TPD version unfortunately has a silicone capacity reducer fitted making it 2ml. The Sensis comes pre-installed with a RDL 510 drip tip and 0.25ohm coil.

You also receive a manual, MTL 510 drip tip, 0.65ohm MTL coil, spare O-rings, 510 adaptor and Type C quick charge cable!


The Pod

The Pod for the Sensis is rounded like we saw with the Voopoo Drag X and similar pod mods but is smaller and made of glass which gives it a better quality feel and look. At the top we also have a metal standard 510 fitting which is another improvement compared to other pod/tanks of this style and included is both RDL and MTL drip tips, the drip tips are perfectly ok but just not what i would go for personally especially where the MTL is concerned as i prefer very narrow long MTL drip tips, but no problem i just fitted one of my own! What is good about this style of pod/tank is most of it protrudes outside the pods bay and you get 360 degree visibility of your e-juice!

Looking at it’s circular base we have 3 evenly placed strong magnets and a silicone bung, again a design we have seen many times. The bung has a flap which is easy to lift to pull the bung out revealing a very generous fill port plenty big enough for a quick, mess free fill.

Once the coil base is fitted to the coil head it just gets press fitted into the pod as is the case with most of these pod mod pods/tanks!


Fitting The Pod

The Pod bay again utilises the design first seen on the Drag X and used many times since. The bottom of the bay only has the round central section visible with the rest of the floor which leads to the airflow mechanism being obscured by the perimeter having an upper metallic shelf for the pod magnets to attract too. Looking at the bottom of the bay we have a raised central positive and outer raised negative spring loaded contacts which look to have a silicone seal.

The pod snaps into place and fits very securely, the dual negatives and metallic surround shelf design means the pod can be fitted without it needing to be lined up a certain way, no wonder we see it time and time again because it’s a very good design!


Included 510 Adaptor

To allow the use of normal 510 threaded tanks also included is a sturdy 510 adaptor that fits in position securely apart from it rotates which is one of the very few cons i have. It works fine and i could enjoy using my favourite RTA’s on the Sensis but you need to fit the tank onto the adaptor first and then fit in place else as the tank is turned to secure the adaptor just turns with it.

It also means adjusting airflow while attached is almost impossible and even unscrewing a top-cap to fill becomes a chore as you battle the adaptor which just wants to turn with the tank. It means that airflow adjustments need making before attaching and i found just pulling the tank with adaptor out of the Sensis before filling was easiest but once in use it works well!


The Coils


Pre-installed we have the 0.25ohm Kanthal Mesh with Seaweed Fibre Cotton S-Coil which is rated between 25w - 35w, also included for a medium to loose MTL is the 0.65ohm Kanthal Sceptre Coil which is rated between 9w - 12w.

Also compatible and sent for me to try are the other Sceptre coils which are the 1.2ohm NI-CR MTL rated between 8w - 9.5w and the 0.5ohm Kanthal Mesh RDL coil rated between 18w - 20w.


For the coil to extend down to the positive and negative contacts a coil base section first needs fitting to the base of the coil which is easy enough and then just press fit the coil assembly into the bottom of the pod and fill!



The Airflow

For such an innovative device there is a lot copied from the Drag X as it seems with the adjustable lever toward the top of the rear of the device. Although it looks the same the side vents on the Sensis look to be for internal venting and nothing to do with airflow, the airflow on this is much simpler, the lever slot is the airflow slot rather than a control to adjust two other slots.

Simply move the lever to the right to increase the airflow and move to the left to decrease airflow. Being just one slot means the Sensis gives less air than can be achieved with the Drag X but that suits the device and available coils being only 40W max and much more suited to RDL and MTL vaping, it also gives less air leakage so airflow adjustment i found worked much better than on the Drag X!


Battery and Charging

The Sensis has an in-built 3000mAh battery and while charging good feedback is given, it also allows for passthrough vaping which for those with just this device available will find handy. The device has a Type C USB connection and supports a 1.7A charge rate so the device can charge both quickly and safely!


The Display

The Sensis display gives plenty of info although some of the lower font might be a little hard to read for those with not great eyesight, after saying that it’s bright, sharp and uses colour sparingly which i find pleasing to the eye!

Top left we have the mode which will be W (normal variable wattage), V (Normal Variable Voltage), F0 (Find your frequency mode), or W+, V+ (wattage or voltage when using Coil +), top right we have the battery status bar.

Underneath the information given we have the wattage or Voltage depending which mode you are in. The lower section of the display shows to the left vape time followed by your puff count and to the right we have resistance followed by bottom right the voltage which instead will display wattage in voltage modes or the frequency when using F0!


Operating The Sensis

The Sensis is 3 clicks of the fire button to turn on and pressing fire and right together locks the navigational rocker but the device will still fire, when locked a padlock will appear under the mode and fire and right again unlocks. Pressing fire and left together brings up a screen showing the voltage on the battery, resistance of the coil and puff count, it also has an option to reset the puffs!

To enter the main menu is pressing both sides of the navigational rocker together which when you first get the device brings up Power, Coil+, Refresh, Locked F0 feature, Settings and Exit.

Selecting the F0 mode brings up were you need to enter a code to unlock which is “+±±+ and then fire”, now the new mode appears at the top of the menu list!

When selecting F0 it allows you to select an AC frequency which is something you can just play around with to find the best for different coil and juice combinations, for now i have just set it to 75hertz, there is also a Find F group on Facebook where people can discuss which frequency they find best for which coil which will be a good resource for some but i’m just the type who likes to find out over time for myself!

Selecting Power allows you to choose between Wattage or Voltage modes while selecting Coil+ also gives the option of running coil+ in either wattage or voltage. Refresh seems to be a more aggressive form of Coil+ which can be implemented manually whenever you feel your coil needs a bit of extra life injecting into it (flavour definitely improves after a refresh), this gives you the option of either a 4 or 8 second refresh!

Selecting Settings brings up the following options, Op,Screen, Timeout, Cutoff, Device ID, Reset, Exit. These settings don’t need to be explained as they are standard seen on most devices but the Op, Screen allows you to change from the default Pro working screen to a more minimalistic display which doesn’t give information like puffs etc although it still keeps a count and you can check puffs as explained earlier by pressing fire and left together. Finally to change the wattage you have to hold down either the right or left side of the rocker for a couple of seconds which will cause the wattage to flash, it can now be adjusted in 0.5w increments from 6w up to 40W. Below the new modes and features are explained!


Coil +

The Coil+ mode is a new feature you can activate which automatically primes the coil at the end of each puff by drawing in more liquid and reducing carbon on the coil. Coil+ does this by running at 40% of your selected wattage for 0.4s at the end of each vape.



Refresh is a new feature that allows you to manually refresh the coil between hits to provide better wicking, bringing in flavour to extend the coils life. Like Coil+, Refresh does this by running at 40% of your set wattage, drawing in more liquid.


Find Your Frequency (FØ)

FØ uses alternating current (AC) to produce a waveform that runs continuously while you vape. This is possible by sending an electrical output in a much more precise and efficient way through the coil.

You can adjust the hertz output to match your coil and e-liquid. When properly matched to your atomizer, FØ will extend coil life, provide smoother heat transfer, and even enhance specific flavors in e-liquid. AC will heat your e-liquid at a gradual rate, ensuring that it does not burn and produce a bad taste, so many of us have experienced.


(Disclaimer: After testing the device i really couldn’t see how i could explain the new technology any better than Innokin themselves so the above information was a copy and paste from their website)

My Experience Using The Sensis And Thoughts!

I absolutely have been loving this device and the new technology, in my opinion the Sensis is head and shoulders above any other pod mod i have used, the flavour from all 4 coils is superior to any of the Voopoo PnP or Vaporesso GTX coils and it’s no gimmick the new technology works giving incredible coil life!

Like anything though it’s not perfect and although it’s entirely subjective i would of course much prefer to be able to swap out the battery, after saying that the battery life is very good lasting over a day with the MTL coils at 10W and 9W and even with the 0.25ohm coil at 25w it lasted almost a full day and charging is quick while also supporting passthrough!

The supplied drip tips are just not to my liking personally but then a pro that it’s a standard 510 fitting so you can fit your favourite, also the biggest con is the 510 adaptor. It slots in place nicely and looks the business, tanks perform perfectly ok but the fact that it rotates when turning the tank means you can’t adjust airflow and even filling is a chore with the tank attached.

I like the glass pod/tank it just looks really good quality and maybe being glass is also contributing to the great flavour i have been getting, yes i also prefer top-fill but filling via the bottom port is quick and mess free and also you get great visibility of your juice level at all times.

The airflow adjustment works very well allowing depending which coil is used anything form a semi restrictive direct lung draw through to a medium tight MTL, which is a much tighter MTL than other similar devices allow for.

I know someone who got over 3.500 puffs from just one coil and reading posts on the Find F Facebook page it seems people are getting anything from 3000 to 5000 puffs from just one coil showing the technology works and i am far from on my own finding the flavour from all coils quite outstanding with the 0.25ohm coil possibly having the edge.

I myself stuck to the one coil for a long time which was the 0.65ohm coil at 10W, i used it with Coil+ for a while before setting up F0 mode at 75hertz and doing a 4 second refresh every 300 puffs. I got to 3.650 puffs and have saved the coil because it still has plenty of life but i needed to crack on and test out the other three coils for performance and flavour.

Finally i have suffered zero leaking and have just got the occasional spots of condensation which is that slight it’s hardly worth mentioning! To sum up i am a very happy camper!



Excellent build quality
5 Spine options
Innovation (brand new technology)
F0, Coil+ modes
Refresh feature
New S-Coil with Seaweed wicking gives great flavour
Included 0.65ohm MTL Sceptre Coil also performed excellently (again excellent flavour)
Compatible with other Sceptre coils including the 1.2ohm (tighter MTL)
Airflow adjustability very good
Glass Pod
Metal 510 drip tip fitting (can fit your own)
RDL and MTL drip ips included (see dislikes)
510 adaptor included (see dislikes)
Quick and mess free filling
360 degree visibility of e-liquid in the pod/tank
Suffered zero leaking and just the slightest spots of condensation
Very good battery life
Nice display and user friendly interface
Type C USB
Charges quickly and supports passthrough


510 adaptor rotates
In-built battery (subjective)
Not a fan of the drip tips (just fitted my own)
Some of the design not original
Need to remove pod to fill

I would once again like to thank Timmy from Innokin for supplying the Sensis for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!


Great review Tim as usual. I dunno about this one. Seaweed cotton?

IMHO it looks sharp and better than most.


Because of the 510 adaptor rotating i mainly used with the pod but the coil life and flavour for a pod is incredible, really looking forward to the Coolfire Z80 which is being released this week with the same technology it will be interesting to find out if wicking needs doing less often on RTA’s and if stock coils of other tanks also have increased coil life!


I am also interested in seeing the Coolfire Z80 in action with an RTA. This pod system looks pretty good though and the MTL options seem better than most. Be great if they end up doing a MTL capable RBA for the pod. I have always liked the Innokin products, especially their take on MTL devices. Excellent review as usual @Timwis :smile:


Thanks mate, this technology is really good but for some reason on forums it’s not really getting much interest! The weird thing is on Reddit where i normally get a hard time i have never seen a review go down so well, many of those commenting have the device and nobody seems to have a bad word to say about it!


Yep that MTL thing will be Mr Busardo’s influence, if it say’s MTL it will be MTL he will make sure of that. The amount of pod mods i have used that claim they can give a MTL vape that don’t come close is not even funny!


That is the main reason I have never bothered with a pod device. I have tried a few in the past and never found one that worked for me. Will see if any become available at my usual outlets and decide depending on the price. :thinking: :smile:


Very detailed review @Timwis. I really like that slide airflow…


Unless I missed it, is the fire button spongy at all or nice and crisp, and clicky, Tim? Nice review! :ok_hand:


Good spot, i do normally mention that must be a bit rusty. Surprised i did not because “nice, crisp and clicky” would be an accurate description!


this is a wonderful product, and quite a good review, thanks op


Welcome @yqqwe and i suppose quite a good review is better than quite a bad review lol! :+1:


Also done a review for the Coolfire Z80 Kit which is in my opinion an even better product! :sunglasses:


Welcome to the VC @yqqwe.


Welcome to VC, @yqqwe !

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