Innokin Mod Refresh Feature

Aloha All
Having been in China for the last few years - and in the last year, Ecig tat being nigh on impossible to get except pods and then disposables - finally back and able to get a choice of mods etc

Going for reliability based on past experience - and Innokin certainly have provided that for me.

So bought a Z80 for 18650 option and now received a Kroma 217 via Health Cabin - and both have the Refresh option in their menu system.
The idea is that by using this feature it prolongs coil life and boosts the coil when the flavour becomes a little muted or less vapour production drops off. It seems to ‘send’ a burst of 40% power through the coil to ‘shake’ it and ‘rejuvenate’ it. Refresh can be Auto for a quick Refesh - or Extended set by the length of time you hold the Fire button - for longer used coils.
Whilst this seems likely to be aimed at Innokin stock coils - I’ve mainly been using this feature with my Rebuildbles - those moments when I’d usually be thinking of rewicking the coil (especially late at night when to do so is unappealing) for example.
And it seems to do enough for me to wait until a more convenient moment.
Any other thoughts, experience or advice?


Welcome @DigiCig and yeah I find it works great with rebuildable’s! I did review the feature, I will try and find it.


Thanks for sharing your comprehensive review :yin_yang:

As I mentioned - i:ve been rather ironically, outside of the world of readily available vape shopping - but aside from my more expensive mods - the most reliable over time duration were Innokin - the details such as battery doors etc stand the test others have failed - eLeaf - great mods but terrible battery compartments for ecample. :face_with_peeking_eye:


The Pico still stands the test of time!


@DigiCig welcome to the VC.