If you ever use FedEx for flavours

Just a heads up

If you ever use FedEx to ship flavours and they ask you for end-use application declaration make sure you LIE.

So I recently had a large shipment of flavours turned around by according to FedEx, Australian Border Force which was a total lie on FedEx’s behalf here is the truth of the matter

The tracking message

First contact after my phone query with FedEx (it should be noted they never made contact with me at all I initiated contact and sent documents including all SDS sheets and end-use statements).

Documents sent

FedEx lying about the reason it was marked return to shipper

(as a side note Nicotine free e-liquid is NOT a prohibited import into Australia if it contains NIcotine it is a prohibited import if there is no prescription attached to the package documentation)

I then spent nearly 3 hours trying to get the package classified correctly as food flavouring finally I got somewhere and the FedEx CS rep agreed that there should have been some communication from FedEx to clear up the situation and get the contents classified correctly as food flavourings and he would endeavour to stop the package being returned to Canada - just when I thought I had snatched a win - I got an email

The upshot is the package is returning to the sender with no refund of the $150 shipping fee they shipped it 12,535 km but flatly refused to ship it the last 600km. Assholes!!!

So the lesson learnt is, while I don’t like doing it, if FedEx ever asks > LIE YOUR ASS OFF. My revised end-use statement.


Just a PSA in case you ever find yourself in the same position.

My suggestion is NEVER USE FEDEX FOR ANYTHING end of story! I will never use FedEx again for any shipment of anything anytime.


Time to go grocery shopping.


I’m guessing you have limited option’s as it is, no? Other than UPS?


Yes mate quite correct there are only a couple of options to get stuff here due to the stupid stance by some carriers.


I gotta say this is a very well-travelled package from Abbotsford Canada to Sydney Australia, Sydney to Abbotsford (thanks to FedEX and their bullshit) then back to me.

A few Kilometres on the clock 38,186km to my door.

A massive thanks to the crew at Diyflavours especially Amanda who shipped it back to me at no extra charge - you guys rock.

If you are looking for awesome customer service please consider buying from them they really do go a step beyond awesome.


Glad to see you got your order finally!


That the package you wrote about awhile back? Had wording of the content’s, that your gov’t didn’t like?


No mate they never bothered to contact me as to why exactly it was refused entry.