Ideal tank and coil for 30VG/70PG CBD juice with GeekVape Z200 Mod

Hey everyone!

I am new to vaping and bought a GeekVape Z200 with a Zeus sub-ohm tank and 0.2 and 0.4 ohm coils (supplied).

I have a 3000mg CBD with a mix of;
70% PG
30% VG

I was advised such liquid is best for a plus ohm coil by the manufacturer so would really appreciate so guidance on whether I have made a mistake or not?

And if so, what tank / coil combination should I look at?


@Niks. That is a hell-a-lot of PG. If it was 70% VG, a sub ohm tank would work really well, but I have never tried going that crazy with the PG.


Now you know my dilemma!

I was advised to buy a Z Nano 2 Tank and a B series 1.2 ohm coil and run it at 10-14w…

Or a 0.6 ohm coil at 15-25w…


That’s a very old school ratio from when VG was only just started to be used and the only sub-ohm coils were used by people trying to blow themselves up with silly builds on mechs! I haven’t seen 70PG e-liquid for years so I would stick with the recommendation given. There are a lot of MTL tanks that would be great for CBD and come with a plus ohm option but even most modern mtl tanks would be leaky with such a thin liquid.

I would keep the tank because you can get a different ratio e-liquid next time then get the tank they suggested (I reviewed it and it’s a good tank), then just use that tank on the mod you have!


Thank you Timwis, that makes a lot of sense!

Why change the tank to suit the liquid, instead change the liquid!

I found a solution which was to use an AEQ 2.0 Pod device that has a 1.1 ohm coil and will use that for the CBD until it is finished (it cost twice the tank, lol).

Then will find a thicker CBD and move from there or a 50/50 which suits the AEQ even better.


welcome to vaping community, thanks for joining us :smile:


Welcome to VC, @Niks :wave:


Thank you @whthek

I have another question, perhaps this will be easier to answer…

Will a Z200 be able to run a plus ohm coil?

And if so, any recommendations on a great tank and coil combination?


.1 to 3ohms, for that mod, @Niks

I’ve never run plus ohm setups…someone will chime in on that aspect


If those are the mod specs, then it’s a solid yes. You’ll want a single coil mtl tank/rta. Aspire Nautilus GT series is quite solid.


I take it you haven’t yet progressed to rebuildable’s so have to second the Nautilus, all the available Nautilus’s are cracking MTL tanks, the original was bottom fill which isn’t ideal for some but I doubt that’s still available! The bonus with the Nautilus series is how available the coils are.