Ice Ice Baby. How so Cool?

So I had to buy some juice a little while ago. I know, why buy juice when you can make it, right?

But long story, i was away for a week or so and ran out of juice. So to the shop I went.

I got this rather nice Orange and Jackfruit juice. Not tje best, but not bad. The thing is though, it had ice in it. Lots of ice. In fact, it had so much ice, it gave me brain freeze. It could be partially contributed to my Dead Rabbit V3 RTA as it is known to really showcase the ice in a juice, but it is summer in South Africa and I have ice in all my daily juices at the moment and none of them hit like that.

So here is my question. What ice are they using? I have a few recipes that could really work well with it.


Have you tried WS23 and FA Polar Blast? They’re the only “Ices” I’ve used in recipes.


There is a rather dry read that will help you out some

Ws-5 is much colder than ws23 (which is not as cold as menthol or ws-3 koolada). Ws-5 and ws23 are transparent to taste but koolada does have a slight chemical note.

Fa polar blast is mainly ws-3 but is missing the chemical note.


Cheers @woftam Very interesting. I’d completely forgotten about WS 5. I think I’ve still got a bottle somewhere… I personally don’t do icey or menthol flavours but friends and family that I mix for seem to enjoy it! I shall recruit some guinea pigs!!


I normally don’t like ice, but this stuff was different. On a really hot hot day it went went down so well. Did not love the flavor of the juice itself, but that cooling effect was amazing.

I looked at my local distributor, they don’t have WS-5. Best they can do is WS-23.