I need a guide dog to show me round the forum

This is the first time i have signed up to a forum of this style
Is there a way to see a list of forum members (i am a nosey bugger)
Also who is online.


Click on the Hamburger menu top right and select Users to see a list of users, there is currently no way to see who is online but you can see when they were last seen in that list.


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Cant see a hamburger
The closest icons to top right are donate, updates, search, change topic and my avatar

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Added a visual reference for you :wink:

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Thank you i can see it now :call_me_hand:


LMFAO don’t feel bad… Took me a while to get what he meant by “hamburger menu” too.

It’s more of a “Grubby-ism” than anything. But, if I had to place a bet, I’d guess that his top bun has never been round… :rofl: :wink:


Plus soft and moist

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now I dont feel bad, I looked all over for a darn hamburger thinking I was missing something lol