How to wash vape residue off your windows

Just to help any newbie’s, especially the cloud chuckers, with what I find is the easiest way to remove the residue from inside your windows.

This works for house and car windows. It not only cleans, but I find it helps to slow the build up recurring as quickly.

Put 5 litres of hot water in a bucket, add 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Soak cotton/towelling cloth in mixture, wring well until not dripping, wash windows turning cloth often. If necessary resoak cloth, wring and continue.

Once windows has been washed, while still damp use a large microfibre cloth to dry and polish the windows. Don’t rub too hard, let the cloth do the polishing. Turn the cloth often to avoid it getting top damp.

That’s it, clean and simple.


Nicely done sir.

I remember when I first started vaping and my friend and I were in the car on a cold winter morning and we were chuckin’ the clouds when I noticed my window was fogged up and turned the defrost on… Nothing happened!! I finally realized it wasn’t fog but vape residue. It looks just like it was fogged up. For reals man, for reals.


It’s the worst during winter, here. Cold glass, warm living area, the VG/PG stick like glue. Every 2 1/2 weeks wash the windows! BUT, it beats the raunchy smell that adhere’s to and permeate’s EVERYTHING, from those stinky ass cigarette’s of the past. It seems disgusting to even think about, now, but the wife and I used to smoke one last butt(in bed with ashtray’s on night table) before nodding off! EWWW. :nauseated_face:


I tried it one time and, TBH, don’t remember timing it! I’ll have to give it another go. Thankfully, that wil be a few months down the road!


Welcome to VC @ntipping ! Yeah, it’s a pain in the butt, but a small price to pay for better health! Actually, I’m thinking of adding a few drops of vinegar to my liquids, to try and kill two birds with one stone! (kidding) :laughing:


He is gone now > 3 x innocuous posts setting up for the 4th spam post - i wish spammers would learn


Good eye, Simon. I’m just friendly to everyone until given a reason not to be!