How to pick the right nicotine level for your e-liquid?

If you are an ex-smoker (or on the way to becoming one), vaping is a very efficient way to leave cigarettes behind once and for all. It can deliver nicotine into your system without the thousands of chemicals that come with traditional smoking.

If you are used to smoking, choosing the right nicotine level for your e-liquid is essential for the success of your quitting process.

So, how do you choose the right nicotine level?

Depending on the vaping regulations in your country, you may find different ranges of e-liquid nicotine strengths available.

Thus, some countries restrict e-liquids strength to the max of 20mg/ml, while in others you will be able to purchase Nic Salts pods going over 50mg/ml.

Below, we will go over the most common nicotine concentrations and explain what they mean.


Nicotine is not an essential component of any e-liquid. If you want to stop using nicotine altogether — you absolutely can. There are lots of e-liquids on the market that are marked as 0mg/ml, which means that they contain no nicotine at all — only the three key components: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and flavoring.

Naturally, when you vape zero nic e-liquids, no nicotine will be delivered into your system. At the same time, you will be able to experience the true nature of the e-liquid flavor and you can still absolutely enjoy your vaping session. What’s more, the absence of nicotine means that you get to avoid the harsh throat hit that often comes with it. You will also be able to vape more and avoid all the side-effects of nicotine use such as occasional lightheadedness and, of course, addiction.


If you used to be a light smoker but are not quite ready to give up nicotine altogether, consider using e-liquid with low nicotine concentration. Juices that contain from 3mg to 6mg will still get nicotine into your body but will not be overwhelming and may help you lower your nicotine intake even further (should you want to do so). These types of e-liquids are also great for those who prefer light tobacco flavors and don’t like the side-effects of nicotine.


If you used to smoke about half a pack of cigarettes a day you may want to start off somewhere in the 9mg to 12mg range. This should give you enough nicotine not to want to go back to traditional cigarettes and provide a relatively mild throat hit, which could make for a pleasant Vape. If you feel like 12mg is not enough, you may want to try liquids with higher nicotine content like the concentrations below.

18mg/ml - 20mg/ml

18mg and 20mg nicotine concentrations are most are the most popular among ex-smokers going into vaping. Typically, this is where most of them would start their vaping journey. These concentrations are good for those who used to smoke both moderately and on the heavy side. You’re sure to get enough nicotine with these concentrations and if you do feel like it is too much you will be able to easily go down to vape juices with lower nicotine content.


24mg/ml may be the highest nicotine concentration you will find in your country. These are recommended for heavy smokers who used to go well above a pack a day. Naturally, if at any point in time you feel like you’re getting way too much nicotine, you should stop using 24mg concentrations and decrease your nicotine consumption.

36mg/ml and above

These concentrations are often found in nic salt e-liquids and in nic salt pods used in pod mod vape devices. In some countries, nicotine concentrations in nic salt e-liquids can go as high as 50mg/ml. Nic salts are known for their ability to deliver high nicotine concentrations while avoiding the harsh throat hit that you would experience if you vaped free-base. Note that nic salts are designed to be used in lower wattage devices due to the higher amount of nicotine absorbed as well as not requiring to vaporize at higher temperatures. Using low wattage devices comes with its own set of benefits that would appeal to ex-smokers. They tend to be smaller, sleeker, more discreet, easier to use and most of them are draw-activated.

There you have it — we hope these guidelines will be helpful in starting your vape journey on a good note. Which nicotine concentration do you feel most comfortable with?


Choosing your e-liquid’s nicotine level is also an important consideration. You will find a variety of nicotine strengths available on the market. Generally, if you used to be a light smoker, 6mg/ml or lower should be enough; if you used to smoke up to one pack a day, you would probably feel more comfortable with higher dosages from 9mg/ml to 16mg/ml. Ex heavy smokers, on the other hand, tend to go above 18mg/ml.

While getting the right nicotine strength is definitely important, you also shouldn’t overdo it. If you feel that your e-liquid is giving your headaches, stop musing it and try a vapes juice with less nicotine.

Finally, zero nic e-liquids are also an option. Nicotine is not an essential component of e-liquids and, if you are ready to stop using it altogether, you can do perfectly well without it.


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Good read but there are exceptions to this rule of thumb.
My sister was a chainsmoker and her first vaping attempt failed because she said it made her dizzy so she went back to cigarettes.
She was using 9mg/ml which should have been way too low for a chainsmoker.
I got her on 6mg and that worked.


Yes, good read. I think this could be enhanced somehow. The levels are more geared to cigalike or MTL devices, but I was fully served with a 6mg/ml on a Subohm tank @60 watt as a former strong smoker. Maybe splitting it into device classes and below them the Nicotine ranges for this devices could be the way to go.


I started with 18 mg/ml in eGo sticks with T3S clearo’s. Those got me off the cigs and helped me survive a 7 week trip to Singapore for work. With better kit I’m now down to 2 mg/ml


ALWAYS best to start low, and work your way up. You can always ADD more, but you can’t take it OUT.
I’m stuck on 3mg DTL, and 12-18mg MTL.