How safe are silcone bottles

Nope. You’re not alone!
There’s at least two of us! lol


Silicone bottles I use for squonking are supposedly food grade. On the other hand, all my juices are in plastic so i guess i’m screwed twice :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m always reluctant to comment on interactions between materials. I was listening to a radio show on the way to work this morning and they were talking about airborn toxins from friction reduction chemicals like Teflon and Scotchgard among thousands of others. Seems the EPA has no standard for what concentration is considered non-toxic. I always think of the discovery that nuking in plastics is thought to be another cancer causing reaction. I always end up with the question how safe is safe. Great question as always. I kinda hope it’s safe. I don’t really want to worry about it. I’m tired of worrying.


I have to stick with @SmilingOgre in that I am not worried.
I would be smoking if I wasn’t vaping so… I already won.


Every liquid I buy comes in plastic bottles, VG, PG, flavour, Nicotine, I assume they have sat for quite some time already before I get them, if leaching is occuring it would be too late imo.


That’s actually an excellent point… I’m not only speaking to the safety of plastics and silicone containers and bottles specifically now.

What she said is why I decided to comment. A lot of people smoke. A lot of people put themselves into high-dB environments without proper hearing protection. A lot of people expose themselves to harsh breathing environments without proper ventilation and breathing protection. A lot of people drive vehicles with weak brakes or worn tires. A lot of people eat highly processed food stuffs. People fly airplanes and jump off cliffs too.

Point is, we humans are in harm’s way nearly all the time from some part of our environment. And 95% of that exposure is by choice. Even if there are negative properties and risks involved with storing potables in plastic and silicone, that doesn’t mean we are gravely in danger, or that we must find alternate options. And as she stated quite well, if the choice is vaping from a silicone bottle vs. smoking cigarettes, that’s by far the lesser of two evils.

I guess you could say someone who lives ‘off the grid’ and controls every aspect of their bodily intake is at less risk, but hey, you could get a disease from a bad moose that you speared and prepared yourself I suppose.

And I hope you realize I’m not dismissing your argument. It’s valid. I’m just suggesting that maybe it isn’t the grave worry you may think it is.


I have to applaud @anon96069639 for bringing up this question and looking into this. I have assumed it is safe as it is an industry standard. That is not necessarily true as we have found in the past with other conventions. As @anon96380778 points out, there are a lot of calculated risks that we take which is just part of living as we know it. As you pointed out @Jose, this risk appears to be far less than others like smoking. While I choose not to worry about it myself, I also have to acknowledge the assumption of risk involved. I will also stay tuned as I feel I have the perfect person doing research for me. I don’t want to appear to be minimizing anyone’s opinion in regard to this. They all are valid to me.


I didn’t word it very well, but I feel that way exactly, and certainly acknowledge and admire the effort he chooses to do for this.

I’m not one of those “it takes a village” types, so I’m a lot more uninvolved in a lot of this sort of thing. Calculated risks is where it is, Oggie. Do what ya dig based on your own risk vs. reward scenario, all the way.

Sorry @anon96069639, I didn’t mean to make it look like I thought you were being foolish. Virtually nothing in life is 100% safe, so picking your battles is definitely important and not to be minimized. I really hope you understand I don’t think you’re being extreme about it.


I’m definitely interested in hearing about this. Recall that you’re posting this thread in the public facing part of the forum though…