How Safe Are Coils

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As is usual, I have a question.
How hot do the coils in these vapes get? hot enough for deep penetration rapid oxidation to occur? 700+ deg F, 420 degree C? Nickel and SS (especially the 316L 616LVM stainless) puts off Ni (II) oxide. SS 316L and LVM are high nickel/carbon steels. SS 316L and LVM have nickel levels so high that at one point, it was banned in the UK for use as implantation in the human body. Stainless steel fumes been known for years in the welding community to be toxic as hell (granted, that’s molten steel but it still gives off nickel and arsenic at lower temps not at the puddling point.

Titanium is dangerous too. It’s time the Vaping community look at what they’re building to make sure it’s as safe as it can be don’t you think? I know my vape uses SS most likely in the prefab coils however there are ceramics on the market that can take massive amounts of heat quickly and dissipate that heat too without busting.

I’m not trying to preach, it’s something that’s bothered me about the whole vaping thing. Safety first? If the metal in vapes doesn’t get hot enough to produce metal gasses (metals don’t stop outgassing from heat. They corrode and the scale sloughs off. Rust or similar metal oxide).

Do these things heat up above IDK, 250 degrees C (482 F)? It’s a partial pressures equation in the metallurgical field as to outgassing’s measurement. 100 degrees C is the boiling point of water so 2.5 times that (aprox degrees F) is a minute possiblility when outgassing begins to occur in SS 316L and LVM (even LN) at 760 mmHg, 1013.25 mbar (air pressure at sea level aka 1ATM). 250 degrees C is probably low but at 450 degrees C it’s occurring at 32 psi.

Bottom line? do these coils reach above 500 degrees F? If so, the vaping community would be proactive to find a better coil.

*** Note to all***
The gentleman formerly known as Raven-Nightly will be along soon to refute my rather unsubstantiated \erroneous mathematical figures as he knows my fact checking skills are somewhat limited…

but it’s a question worth looking into and my math can’t be that far off for safety’s sake.

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I don’t have answers to your coils / metals questions Doug, but I will watch this thread …

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I machined for a long time, and we cut a lot of Inconel in the aerospace shops I worked in. It has a very high nickel content. Whenever we cut it with ceramic inserts you cut at very high rpms and high feedrates. The shavings would come off in long strands that were almost molten. Every time we cut it with ceramics, I would feel a little nauseous. Sometimes even with standard carbide inserts I would feel this way. I never felt like that cutting stainless, or being around welders welding stainless all day long in a small shop.

So as far as nickel coils, I don’t vape them. Stainless, I am not so worried about. Titanuim I am not so worried about either. I have cut a lot of that over the years with no ill effects.

Maybe someone needs to come up with a cast iron coil head. We can season them with flaxseed oil, change juice on them regularly and call it seasoning as well :rofl:


I feel like one of the big problems with discovering the temp of the coil during a “normal” puff is things are in the way. Mostly lips and faces :wink:

However, 515F is very, very hot. I know this firsthand having tried to take a bite of pizza fresh out of the oven. That’s the temp I cook pizza here at home, and the fact is…can’t friggin do it. My guess is the food cools to at least 250-300F before I can comfortably eat the pizza.

So in my redneck brain, we’re looking at the human tolerance for temperature within our mouths, which I can’t imagine is much greater than 300F for anyone. Is it even that high? Fresh brewed coffee is not boiling when we gingerly sip it fresh off the maker. Let’s say human tolerance is just below boiling…200ish Fahrenheit.

To me it stands to reason that the <1 inch distance between coil and mouth is not sufficient to cool 700F to below 200F, a temp that may be tolerable.

Point? Well you have wet cotton continuously cooling the metal of the coil. My guess is a saturated coil will never get hot enough for off-gassing or release of dangerous material. And if it does, we won’t be able to tolerate it long enough to suck it into our bodies.

This is the basic premise I’ve lived by as a vaper/DIY coil builder this whole time. I’m going to need to see some science to believe otherwise. Till then, my anecdotal analysis will work fine for me. :wink:


I did some research on this topic when Temp. Control first came out and every body was using Nickel for the first time and the fact is we can and some do get the nickel to hot but it is ussually when heating the coil before adding cotton and juice and once nickel is taken to the point it becomes toxic the coil is ruined and needs to be replaced. Titanium is just as bad but if Ti and Ni are use correctly and are not over heated at all then they do put off decent flavor.

SS can also be over heated and that happens during the innitial heating of the coil before adding cotton. With SS it takes much more heat and most people won’t ever get it hot enough but it can and does happen.

As for the science, I am not going back to look at my notes. I researched this years ago and I just don’t care anymore. Something I learned when I was a preacher… People don’t want my help unless they ask for it and even then you could get bit in the ass.

what is this gentleman (gentlewoman) known as now?

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Anyone heard of using gold for coils? I’m really curious how it would perform and if it would withstand the rigors of vaping. Honestly I know nothing about gold and its properties when heated. The only thing I know for certain is it’s an excellent conductor of electricity.

I found this seller and if my math is correct, it would take just under 8" to make dual coils with 24ga gold wire, 7.5 wraps with inner diameter of 3.5mm. That comes to $38+ for a set. I might even be interested in trying it if I thought it was a) not a health hazard and b) if it’s not going to be any physical hazard such as danger to batteries, mods, or release anything toxic. Of course if it’s truly 14k gold, there should be damn near zero impurities. Then there’s the question of would gold even be able to be cleaned and reused when time to freshen up the build. Oh yeah, and what would be the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) be?

Curiosity. Anyone know anything?


The resistance of gold or silver would be very low and most likely not function well as the resistance is what causes the heat


Exactly my thoughts, also 14k is a mix of metals, I wouldn’t vape it. @SthrnMixer

14K gold is a mixture consisting primarily of gold, blended with durable metals such as zinc, nickel and copper along with a rhodium plating. Gold by itself is relatively soft, so the alloy metals strengthen the composition.


Just checked. Steam Engine has gold listed as a material, although it doesn’t specify any grade. But, if what’s in there is remotely accurate, you could certainly vape a 24ga SS core clapton with 26ga gold wrap. You’d probably need to stick with temp control but I think it’s doable.

I feel like the proper TCR could be found. However, if the gold wrap is resilient to multiple uses, the SS core would have a definite lifespan that would probably make it quite impractical.

I’d really love to find a material that has logevity, easy to clean and clean taste.
Kanthal - easy to clean, taste is not so clean.
SS - easy to clean, but lifespan isn’t the best, especially dry firing at time of cleaning.
Titanium - hard to clean but superior cleanness in taste. Rebuild more often than Kanthal or SS.

I’m hearing Huey Lewis playing in my head again.


I did hear mention of Zirconium a few years back being an excellent coil material but I have not tried it or ever found a supplier.

I fear you are looking for unobtainium


Probably. But I know it exists. Question is, do I need to charter a spaceship to get to it?


I have a German friend who swears by Tungsten. Probably found at Zivipf.
Tungsten: 0.00450 TCR, so higher than Ti01, lower than Ni200


Something I learned when I was a preacher…
Say what now???


We had a bar of Tungsten in a shop I worked at. It was about 2-1/2" diameter. It is SUPER hard shit. Someone stood it up and it fell and broke into 3 pieces. It’s pretty mind blowing to see a bar of solid metal crack like a piece of glass. I don’t see how they could make wire out of it. So this is very interesting.


HAHAHA LOL. That was my old life. 15 yrs not including bible school and Seminary. I went to college and got a “career” in what I went to school for.

Very difficult profession. I will tell you a secret that not one preacher will agree with. (not out loud anyway) Any man or woman that does (Christian) ministry and has done it 20 years or more, no longer believes. What is a man to do, when he has spent 20 plus years in a “job” and has no other skills? He stays and puts his sheep’s clothing on every morning.


Dan… Not all are like that, I know a few that are now no longer in this world, and I can promise that Heaven is real, and they died secure in their faith of where they were going. I understand what you are saying tho.


I don’t even want to get into this conversation, each to their own and all that, whatever helps you sleep better at night.


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