How long do your batteries last?

I’m using Efest IMR 18650’s in my geekvape aegis L200 and I am having to swap out the batteries at least twice a day, is this normal? I’m vaping at 120w.

I’m wondering if the molicel batteries would last longer but considering my lack of experience I have no idea if this is normal or if they are running out too quickly.


My 18650’s don’t last long at 30w.

120w is a lot of power, expect them to drain fast


Hmm ok, thanks Grubby. I guess they are lasting quite well then. :slight_smile:


There are factors at play here. If that is the only device you use and vape a fair bit (maybe a vape session every hour) then twice a day would be ok at 120w.

Me, I vape every hour or so. I vape around 70 watts using two dual 18650 batter mods. The batteries last 1.5 days when the batteries are new. My older batteries give me a day’Ish of use.