How do you do the tests?

When I have something in my head, I go testing 5, 10 or 15 ml., In some recycled glass bottles (here the TPA flavors are sold like this) I mix by drops for the tests … Then I put it in percentages. Here you can see what I use…

So, how do you do your tests?


@gus-gus, do you mean SFT, or recipe tests ??

Either of them, I mix by weight, or I’d be overrun by syringes and pipettes.


Me too, weight here… but I do call it by drops.
I know how much a drop weights and what container size… from there, it’s just super simple.
No fuss, mess or clean up. :slight_smile:


Well, I mean recipes. For the tests I do it by drops, I do not use pipettes or syringes … I have most of the flavors in 10ml bottles, and each drop weighs 0.02 gr. approximately. I don’t have a workstation dedicated to mixing, and with that paper, where I write down the drops, and I make adjustments, I don’t use the computer for this …
Then what is worth, I put into the calculator …


Yes, also by weight, only for the total … I put the bottle on the scale, put a little pg / vg / nic mixture already prepared, add the drops, and fill it up to the weight


Hmmm, that’s a good question @gus-gus. If it’s something I’ve been working on, I’m more scientific, but sometimes, I just get an idea, and grab my target flavors, and do a “down and dirty” just to see what’s what.


If it helps you…

I take 5 flavors and start them normally around 2 drops in 10 ml.
I take notes as to how I find those 2 drops.
Does it need more or less?
I look for things like:
mouthfeel: thick/thin/regular type flavoring?
how sweet/sour/salty it is
Is it true to what the name on the bottle is?
If it is say an apple, then I want to taste the apple.
Does it have a skin/peal taste?
Is there anything odd or off about the flavor?
What other flavors will I think it will go with, or won’t go with?

This is something I think on when I do solo taste testings.

When I want to mix a recipe and I have tasted a few of the flavors, then I start to pair up…

Apples and Custard…

I find where I want to taste what at. Is it mostly apples and custard? Heavy apple and light custard? or light apples and heavy custard? Any spices and if so, light spice, or heavy? :slight_smile:

If I want a sweeter type of apples and custard, without overwhelming the recipe, I might add some pear. If I want more body, I could add marshmallow.

It really takes knowing your flavors as solos, and letting your own tongue tell you what is good or not :slight_smile:


They sure don’t hurt, that’s for sure !!!

If YOUR tongue ain’t happy, NOTHING else matters !!!

Drops, drips, drabs, whatever it takes !!!


When testing a new flavor or when I develop a recipe I always write down everything on a calculator and mix by weight on 10ml plastic bottles using a scale with 0.001 accuracy. I am a little crazy about being exact with everything I test, trying to make sure I can recreate it exactly the same everytime! Since I started mixing with a high accuracy scale I found out that the little droppers don’t always drop 0.02 gr every time.

For bigger batches where I just want to vape something I freehand almost everything though.


and not all calculators go beyond that .02g bit :stuck_out_tongue:
I do have a few of the higher scales, but I try not to let the .0179g bother me too much.
I round everything up or down as needed, so I know the calculators and I are on the right path.