Honey juice from tfa

morning mixers
i have " honey ( tfa ) i was wondering if you lovely lot had any easy recipies , i dont have a huge list of concentrates
so will need the ingredients list to be fairly short
tia :+1: :+1:


Hey @dave1971, I personally donโ€™t have that flavor concentrate and not sure what type recipes you like or what other flavors you have on hand, if you could list other flavors you have in your stash, recipe suggestions would be easier. I did a little search of that flavor and came up with:

Honey (TPA)
A thick, gooey honey flavour that will add a richness and sweetness to any recipe. This flavour works really well with milk or cereal vapes, and is also used in a variety of cake and pie flavours. Remember, taste is subjective. We recommend using TFA Honey in recipes at approximately 2%, and for single flavour recipes at 5%.
Mostly used at 1.5% in recipes, and 5% as a solo flavor.
I would consider this flavor an additive to recipes and not a single flavor.
To test I would start with a single flavor test at 2% max.

A great flavor I would recommend that will get a lot more use than the TPA would be, Milk and Honey FLAVORAH.

If your looking to expand your flavor stash, I would recommend the following recipe thatโ€™s an easy mix with 3 flavors that would be well worth investing in, and would get much more use than the Honey TPA :ok_hand:


Hey @dave1971 a lot of honey flavours are notoriously hard to mix with this one comes off as a little floral if you mix too high with it (it does have floral notes down low as well but they are not super overpowering)
While I donโ€™t have any recipes with TFA honey I would suggest that you start quite low with it as an accent rather than go right for a main note .25 will give you a slightly floral honey if you need to play higher (and you may) it does get floral quite quickly so build it up slowly to your preferred level.