Holiday Taste Pairings - Whisky/Bourbon flavors eg?

We are soon into the Holiday times… and eg. eggnog mixvariants even in diy is getting more interesting.

Why just eggnogs? What about Whisky, Bourbon , Brandy, Rum and such?

Vanilla is so…vanilla. Vanilla and Bourbon is an improvement, but if you want to have even more fun in experince delicious taste , why not consider these flavor pairings together with vanilla and Whisky or Bourbon? :

mint, pecans, and/or chocolate, marshmallow, butterscotch , cherry, or even coffee.

What about Whisky/Bourbon and Candy?

On their own, neither Chocolate or Peanut Butter are overly sweet, but combine them, along with correct sweetness, and you will have reached next-level sweetness. Together with Whisky or Bourbon you reach another dimesion of taste by richness.

Think about it… what do many of this Alcohols have by nuances? Caramel, vanilla, smoke, oak., They have mainly a darker mellow deep sweetness, that couls complement even candys superbly!

A Bounty Bar, cutted in flavor with the spiciness of a lighter-bodied Whisky, Bourbon even Rum, would echoing the manner in which coconut, sweetness, and spice brilliantly coexist in Caribbean style of taste

The trifecta of caramel, peanut, and nougat of a Snickers Bar pairs masterfully with a rich Whisky or Bourbon with the added depth provided by the whisky. This proves that even the most casually consumed snack can be improved by the addition of the right alcoholflavor.

Bourbon is already pushing the sweetness and caramel flavor forward, and the caramel candy just picks it up and carries it across the finish line…

Malted milk core of a Whoppers pairs well with a Whisky, particularly when the malt sweetness is allowed to shine …

Bourbon oak vanilla or a oak marmalade blend marvelously with a malty, milk-chocolaty candy.

The apex of peanut butter and chocolate combinations close to demands a rich, full Bourbon.

Rich whisky meets even richer caramel and adds a bit of spicy tasteimpact for complexity and flavor.

Still just wanna use a eggnog?

Rum flavors have a nice deep brown sugar/ caramellic sweetness, as even the fruity Brandys, eg.

Whisky and Bourbons touch spiced notes and humle deep sweetness with barrelnotes, fits perfect in many mixes.

Even pine/juniper noted Gin flavors is to be found… and to make it more a festive… what about Sparkling Wine, Champagne and Moscat sparkling notes?

All alcoholflavors dont have any alcohol, just the flavornotes, and differences by how strong nuances of eg. caramellic, vanilla sweetness or oakbarrels.

Be creative, to reach next levels of pleasure!