HohmTech's "FSK" chip - info/problems

Guess who makes it?

ST Microelectronics!! (Same company as makes the Smoant Cylon’s chip!)

Taken from the driver section of the “FSK Chip Update Software”:

Now I just need to get time (and motivation) to get down into the device (yet again) at some point, and get pics of the actual chip. :wink:
Thanks to a kind donation of a broken device…

Note: I am not saying it’s the exact same chip…just that it’s the same company that makes it. So I’m not surprised that it’s a quality device (other than the fatal design flaws related to the battery terminals). :grinning:


Really interested in hearing your findings. I have a few G2’s, a G1 and a few Slice and they all work like new except for one Slice I bricked while doing a firmware update.

The battery terminals are not that great though, I have heard others have had them break when dropped. I dropped one of my G2’s 3 times, once on my big toe…did not feel good. What else have you found with the battery terminals?


You can do a factory reset on it and it will live again - I bricked one and bought it back - i will find the key sequence it is pretty easy but i cant remember it off the top of my head.

Take battery out
Plug the computer side of the cord in
Plug the mod side in while holding down the +/- buttons.
This should factory reset the board.


I tried that and just tried it again and no luck. Thanks for the info though brother.

That particular Slice had a custom firmware on it that was never released to the public and I was trying to replace it with the latest firmware so i could then give it to a friend. I have done close to a dozen firmware updates on hohmtech mods and this was the first I was not able to salvage, the custom firmware makes me think that might be the problem.

Oh well, it was the ugliest Slice I had, that is why I was giving it away :smiley:


Well you covered the dropping…(the particular type of plastic they used was just too brittle for even relatively minor impacts).

The other fail was when they first introduced them (the G2, though possibly others that were being produced at the same time), they had an issue with how the top conductors on the “battery bridge” were being fastened on. This evidently led to the poor connections, which were causing frequent power loss (or resets). Phil B bitched about it in his first video dealing with the G2.

Kind of sad that they put such a good board into a device, and then botch an equally important function (regarding the power transfer points).

They did, to their credit, rectify the power bridge pretty quickly though from what I gather. But they never did anything about the bottom connectors. Nor did they stock enough parts (even the shitty ones). When I talked to one of their techs, he said that they only had about 100 sets of spare parts per device model. To me, that bit of info was both seriously disappointing, and telling.

They were either overconfident (that nothing would break), or never planned to support them for long to start with.

When they did have replacement bottom terminals, they were reasonably priced ($8/pair, pre-wired). But to only stock 100 pairs of those terminals? When you usually have to order a minimum run of 10,000 units (G2) … :roll_eyes:


Love the board but the boxy G2 is a…what were they thinking move. I wish I had a 3D printer to make a new enclosure as I love how I can dial in an excellent vape by just messing with the FSK setting.

Got my orange G2 LE out right now vaping in XXX mode and it is tasty for sure. Not even sure what coils are in my Dead Rabbit RTA but judging by my FSK being at 10.5 it must be the dual core SS430 26g with kanthal 36g wrap I made up the other day.

Really happy to hear you have one to dissect, always interested to hear your thoughts.


I am too! lol
I figured I wouldn’t get to see a wrecker for a while. I feel for TM’s bad luck in breaking it…
But it’s been nice to have a chance to poke and around a bit! :wink:

Maybe one of these days I’ll use the board and give it a proper home (housing) in a wood chassis.


Oooh! I’m excited!!

DJLsb just posted the lowdown on the new Vandy Vape Pulse Dual squonk!! (with the usual gut-shots!) :eyes: