Help! Topside Dual won't squonk


So, my green one works fine. But the wife’s purple one won’t squeeze juice into the atty. It’s the Dead Rabbit. It has the squonk pin installed and I can blow up from the bottom so it is not obstructed. But the bottle won’t squeeze. It’s full… Any thoughts?


It is the bottle for some reason. Spare works fine. Bad way to start…


My guess is that the tube inside the bottle is too long and the end is sitting flush against the bottom of the bottle. I have had squonk bottles on other mods that I had to trim the end at an angle to get them to work.


Probably… but poor QC there. Bad first impression.


The pointy end of the tube was facing the opposite direction from the working tube, but they were equal length. I still snipped off a hair’s width anyway and put it back together the same direction as the other. I know this is trivial, but I tell ya… I am not a fan of having to make things work properly, especially right out of the box. So far the thing vapes great, fills great, decent hand feel, TC works well… but that still pisses me the hell off.


But. it’s saving grace will not come from me. Rather, the wife. She says these two are the best looking mods she’s ever had. Really likes the green and purple shade and the anodized finish. Of course I will give them their due and as long as nothing else stupid happens, I will probably really love this. But not handing out grades just yet…


So trimming the tube fixed the issue? I’ve been eyeballing this one hard, tax season is coming and I want a dual battery squonker lol


Yeah, I guess. Either that or the thing was oriented wrong. Minor issue once I looked into it. I thought there may have been a faulty system component, glad it was minor.

I like it so far, for sure. Wife successfully filled it on the first try, which is saying something!


I have my good old spaced SS316L 26g, 3.5MM ID, 7 wrap single build on the Rabbit. TCR manually set to 92, 480F, 20w. TC is working great, a lot better than I thought it would based on negative feedback read elsewhere about the Topside. Working really well, actually. A nice surprise. I was hoping I could use TC at least early on until I get accustomed to the juice filling squonkage again.


That’s good to hear, gonna try out that new firmware for my og topside. Still debating whether to get a topside dual, not like I am hurting for squonk mods…lol, will probably wait for a killer sale on one, I am a sucker for a sale.

Edit: already forgot about the Topside dual Yihi edition, that is what has my attention


Check out this review I just read on a vendor site (no, it isn’t my review).

Just got my topside dual today and I’m loving it. Feels great in the hand (I think it feels better than the single battery.) The finish is nice and it just hits great. Only negative is the black bottle that comes installed. I’m not a fan of black bottles plus it doesn’t work, I was forced to used the included spare which works fine.

The dark coloured bottle is the one that didn’t work when I started this thread, too. Odd.


I didn’t even try the dark bottle. I swapped mine to the colorless bottle before I even tried using it. The dark bottles make it harder to see how much liquid is in there.


I’m not a fan of that one either. Actually when I looked at the spare and realized it was the traditional light color, I swapped mine in too.

Maybe try that dark one and see if it is also an issue, if you get a chance.


I tried the dark colored bottle and it works fine. I was looking at the spare bottle that came with my original Topside and its the colorless so I guess I got lucky there. I have to say that I can see my juice a little easier with the dark Topside bottle than some of the other brands dark bottles, but still prefer the uncolored bottle.