Help stop an EXCESSIVE Federal Tax on Nicotine (US)!

HUGE thanks out to @Letitia for getting her hands on this one, as it’s a BIG DEAL. Whether or not you are a fan of the Biden Administration or not, the fact remains that a Bill has been introduced under the “Build Back Better” plan, and it’s effect (cost) on Nicotine could be DISASTROUS !!!

The House Ways & Means Committee has revealed that it is considering a tax proposal on nicotine and tobacco as part of the funding bill for President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan. The provision is designed to equalize taxation across all tobacco and nicotine products.

  • Nicotine used in vapor products (synthetic, TFN, and tobacco-derived)
    • $100.66 per 1,810mg of nicotine ( $0.05/mg)
    • To put this in more relatable terms (see the table below), this new tax would add $10.00 to a 30mL bottle of 6mg e-liquid. This is in addition to any state or local taxes people may already be paying.
  • The tax on smokeless tobacco will be raised from $1.51 per pound ($0.09/oz) to $26.84 per pound ( $1.68/oz ).
  • A new tax on “discrete single-use units” (pouches) will be imposed at the rate of $100 per 1000 units ($0.10 per pouch, which adds $1.50 – $2.50 to a tin ).
  • Under this proposal, the tax on one JUUL pod would actually be higher than the tax on a pack of cigarettes!

Now maybe you’re unclear as to what this could ACTUALLY mean, and this chart, will SHOW YOU !!!

$5,560.00 Tax on a 1L bottle of 100mg NIC ??? !!!

I don’t know about YOU guys/gals, but this could cripple and already struggling industry. If you agree, and want to get involved, take a few seconds, and get on board

With taxation rates like that, I think you can assume what it will do to our Vaping Industry. It only takes a few seconds to fill out the form, and I can think of no better cause to get involved in.


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After looking deeply into this, I don’t see how this will Build ANYTHING Back Better.


Even though it’s a fruitless effort, here in CT, I’ve sent the letter to all 3 of them. I use the term ‘them’ because their not really ‘representative’ of a damn thing I believe in. Can’t wait to get out of this state! Soon!

Frankly, most politicians don’t seem to much care that their constituent’s are being harmed by the jab, so I would guess that, as long as the states continue to get their dose of the tobacco settlement agreement money, which is based on the amount of tax revenue from cigarette sale’s, they will also not much care how much bodily damage combustible tobacco doe’s to us!

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@whthek it may seem like that, but it’s really only futile when we submit/surrender.


Unpopular opinion but for the long timers in here the goal was to titrate down to 0 in the first place, so I guess you’re forced to you addicts.

Edit: There are nicotine users and nicotine (ab)users, so therefore, if you’ve been vaping 3 mg for years you have failed to follow the mission of harm reduction and as a result you are forced to… I hope your withdrawal symptoms aren’t too bad.

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Well, guess I be mixing all my mixes at then 1.5mg from now on I think I can be down to 0 in not time. I’m only at 3mg now. N I quit a pk a day at 3mg anyways, no one needs 18 20 sometimes up to 50mg nic it’s ridiculous. Alot of the time due to stupid waste until I know if a recipe is really good I don’t use any nic and haven’t really been noticing so it shouldn’t even be that hard i might be able to go to 1.5mg


My goal was never to give up nic or vaping, just stop smoking. I’m quite comfortable at 9mg and been for several years. Thankfully I happen to have the resources and stash to continue with whatever mg level that keeps me content. I hope that those that want to be nic free achieve their goals. I also hope those that do reach their goal whatever it is don’t jump on a soapbox.


@Letitia, I love people that plan ahead. :slight_smile:


Paranoia can be healthy at times eh?


Hehe @Letitia I know I was screaming it to everyone (in a nice way) and anyone. Don’t be silly, stock up while it’s cheap and here. What’s that, no more room, buy a smaller freezer.

I’m not saying it’s currently going on (or IS it), but those who panic, are always the ones who did not prepare.