Help Needed: Sigelei Mod Leather Replacement and Personalization

Hello fellow vapers,

I’m reaching out to the community for some assistance with my trusty Sigelei mod (aka Wanderlust Fogmaster). Over time, the leather on my mod has started to show signs of wear and tear, and I’m looking to replace it. However, I thought it might also be a great opportunity to add a personal touch and customize it with a different material.

I’ve been searching for tutorials or guides on how to replace the leather on a Sigelei mod, but I haven’t had much luck finding detailed instructions. That’s why I’m turning to you all for help and advice.

If you’ve ever replaced the leather on a Sigelei mod or any other mod for that matter, I would greatly appreciate any tips, tricks, or resources you can share. Whether it’s a step-by-step guide, recommended materials, or personal experiences, every bit of insight will be incredibly valuable to me.

Additionally, I’m interested in exploring alternative materials for the replacement, such as carbon fibre, wood, or even custom-printed designs. If you have any recommendations or know of any vendors who specialize in custom mod wraps or skins, please let me know.

Ultimately, my goal is to breathe new life into Wanderlust Fogmaster and give him a fresh, personalized look. Your expertise and guidance will be instrumental in helping me achieve that.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and support. I look forward to learning from your experiences and embarking on this DIY journey together.

Happy vaping!