Help my Orange recipe

Can anyone help me with a good orange vape.
I made this mix but … The flavour is good but a bit weak… Im worried if i add any more it will be harsh.
Any Ideas or recipes you recommend.

Orange marmalade (VTA) 2%
Orange Juice (WF) 1.5%
Sparkling Orange (REK) 2%
Hibiscus (CAP) 2%
Fizzy Sherbert (VTA) 1%
Super Sweet (CAP) 0.75%
Polar Blast (FA) 0.5%


There are a couple that I think are pretty good. One is mine and the other another mixer. Unfortunetly I don’t have them on VC.
Bloody blud : Check cookies

3.00% Blood Orange (Flavorah)
1.00% Butterscotch (Flavorah)
1.50% Marshmallow (Flavorah)
0.50% Milk and Honey (Flavorah)

Flavor total: 6%
Remember to rate it at: Check cookies

The Bronze : Check cookies

2.50% Bakery Orange (SSA)
2.50% Cotton Candy (Flavorah)
2.50% Creme Brulee (VTA)
2.50% Custard Premium (FA)
0.50% Super Sweet (CAP)
4.50% Vanilla Custard (SC) (WF)

Flavor total: 15%
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And one more.
Orange Torrone : Check cookies

0.50% Almond (Mandorla) (FA)
0.50% Marzipan (FA)
1.00% Meringue (FA)
3.50% Royal Orange Juice (FA)
0.50% Shisha Orange (INAWERA)
2.50% Torrone (Nougat) (FA)

Flavor total: 8.5%
Remember to rate it at: Check cookies


Thanks Daniel, @Dan_the_Man , and thanks for mentioning my Orange Torrone…
@MT.Bottles welcome to the VC family.
Looking at your recipe, looks like you’re looking for a “Fresh summer recipe” I’d personally go for FLV Blood Orange either instead of WF’s or paired with it.
The second thing is, to cool this “drink” are you sure about using Polar Blast which is menthol based in this mix? (It’s made of WS3 and 3% Frescolat ML L-Menthyl lactate) Frescolat has also a tendency to mute things (0,5% is just about right though) I’d go for WS23 at 0,35%.

Let us know your thoughts, and welcome again!


Thanks for the recipes dan @Dan_the_Man , they look good but I should have said I’m looking for an orange drink type. But I will definatelt try 1 of those too.

Thanks for the feedback @Iv3shf I will swap polar blast for ws23 and I’ll have to order blood orange.
Maybe fizzy sherbert is muting, should I replace this with a lemonade maybe?


Sherbet could actually mute,but at 1%, doubt it, before ditching it, I’d give FLV BO a try, otherwise FLV Citrus Soda, or as you said a lemonade could do the job, but you might loose the fizziness.
A trick for the fizz is to use Grape (INW CAP whichever) coz of the Citric Acid that’s got inside or MOB’s Fizzy add.

Think out of the box and consider adding or swapping something with Tangerine or FA Bergamot, or FLV Orange citrus.

BTW FLV Blood Orange is amazing, you won’t be disappointed, I use it a lot, it’s in my Mango Orange Granita. if you want a cool thick vape.


Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it.


I dunno… you might be able to go with this too…

Smoky Blue’s Orange on the Rocks

1.00% Blood Orange (Flavorah)
1.00% Morning Mimosa (Flavorah)
1.40% Passion Fruit (Flavorah) Take this to .40%!!
1.00% Pineapple (Flavorah) Take this to .6%
0.40% Pink Guava (Flavorah)

If you have the flavors… mainly orange drink… more like 5 alive if you are in the states :smiley:

If you do not have morning mimosa or pink guava… you can skip those 2… the rest is needed…


Thanks @SmokyBlue got some flavours on the way (Including Blood orange Fw) and i will be mixing this up.
I meant blood orange FLV


I hope you will like it…
I use ice and cool menthol for my drinks and cooler vapes… start with a few drops and work your way up till you are happy… either 1 at a time or both… :smiley:


A very simple one - I think it maybe from ID10T but I’ve lost the original link:

Fizzy Sherbet (VTA) 2%
Juicy Orange (CAP) 3%
Sweet Tangerine (CAP) 1%


Thanks @SwissBigDin i will give it a shot.


Thanks for all the help on this, I have a v2 now…and it’s damn good.
Not perfect, but it’s getting there.


The original version in the first post has steeped and tastes exactly like an orange tictac.


I have been thinking about making an orange marmalade on buttered toast recipe. I have found that SSA Bakery Orange and VTA Orange Marmalade go really well together especially with some apricot in the background to help round it out. I have just picked up a bottle of Rainbow Vapes Toast concentrate which I have been told is very good but I will have to single flavour test it first to find out what’s what before I can start adding other flavours to it. It’s all very exciting stuff for me because if I can pull this off it will be my first recipe that I have created myself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


To quote and support @Nevans DV have a marmalade on toast concentrate but you can request that concentrate without the toast, it’s a superb little flavouring especially when paired with VT orange marmalade to boost that jammy pectin note. You could try it with the toast in it but you may be better off adding your own. Either way, the DV marmalade is unique and great.


Thank you for your help @lukeloop, I really do appreciate it.
I will get some DV Marmalade On Toast and also see if they will sell me the straight Marmalade concentrate.
It’s funny to me that when I was a boy I didn’t like marmalade at all and thought it was ghastly stuff but now I love it on some hot buttered toast.