Help develop this recipe… Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream

Looking for help developing this recipe into something nice, not sure on the flavours I’ve chosen or their percentages. Looking for more experienced mixers input.

Note: Could use some kind of cooling for the ice cream

Recipe Flavour Profile

A strawberry vanilla ice cream

Strawberry vanilla ice cream

Flavours %
Shisha Strawberry - Inawera 2.00
Sweet Strawberry - Capella 2.00
Vanilla Ice Cream - Liquid Barn 2.00
Vanilla Ice Cream - Chefs Super Concentrates 1.50

Flavor total: 7.5%


Just got home @Grubby, and I’ll have to look into this more later. I don’t know if it applies here or not, but most times I mix SB’s in with heavy/ier creams, I always use 2 or more, to help keep it fresher, and closer to the top of the mix, and away from being relegated to a supporting flavor. I know LB’s VIC well, but haven’t used INW’s Shisha Vanilla enough to know how it would pair the LB.

Now my GUT is telling me, with NO testing or trials, that I’d halve the LB VIC and pair it with either Chef’s VIC, or Sobucky’s VIC to firm up the Ice Cream. My gut is also telling me to pair the INW Shisha SB with either CAP Sweet SB, or maybe TPA SB Ripe, but that’s just at a glance Grub.


I hear ya, I’ve made those changes how does it look? What else could we do here?

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