Hellvape Seri RDA Review by illogik

What’s up VC’ers? Up today we have the Seri RDA from Hellvape which was provided for this review by Joyi from Sourcemore.

I’ve been looking forward to trying this one for a couple of months now due to the option of a triple coil config so lets get on with it shall we?


  • 26mm Diameter
  • 39.1mm Height
  • 51g Net weight
  • 6mm Deep juice well
  • Supports up to 200w
  • Coils run in series config
  • Adjustable dual honeycomb airflow
  • Dual coil and triple coil build options
  • Gold plated 510 and squonk pins
  • 5 Colours available (Black, SS, Gun metal, Blue, Rainbow)
  • 810 Drip tip

Package Contents:

  • 1x Hellvape Seri RDA
  • 1x Coil cutting tool
  • 3x Shoelace cotton strips
  • 3x 0.2Ω Ni80 Prebuilt Coil
  • 1x Gold plated squonk pin
  • 1x Short circuit connector
  • 3x Spare flathead grub screws
  • 1x Allen key
  • Spare o-rings
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • User manual
  • Cue card


The packaging consists of a very sturdy little grey and orange box with the model name on the front in large letters, various tag lines on the sides along with the barcode and authentication scratch-off panel. The back shows the contents and description, manufacturer details and safety certificates:


Removing the lid will show you the orange inner packaging with the Seri DRA front and centre and a box of accessories below:

The orange accessory box contains everything needed to get a build going with either a dual or triple coil config:

The Hellvape Seri RDA:

The Hellvape Seri RDA comes fitted with a pretty standard 810 drip tip so can easily be switched out for your preferred one if desired. The RDA has its name etched into the side along with a series of lines near the top to help with grip when removing the top cap and it works very well.

Taken apart:

The base of the RDA Shows the manufacturers name on the bottom, with safety certificates either side of the 510 pin:

The build deck is fully open with nothing to get in your way when working on it. All the screws are flat headed screws, which I am not a fan of as hex or phillips are much easier to work with.

The top cap pulls off quite easily and the outer section of the top cap requires a twist and then pulls off easily enough. There are 13 quite large airflow holes on each side which can be adjusted to suit by turning the outer section of the top cap. The inner chamber is domed and looks very well machined and smooth:

The airflow control is adjusted by turning the entire outer cover of the top cap:

The Build:

There are 3 perfectly good Ni80 coils included in the box but I prefer stainless steel coils so I wrapped 3 of my own staple staggered fused claptons for testing:

Hotspots removed and cotton fitted, trimmed, combed and tucked into juice well:

Juiced up:

Here is the RDA setup in dual coil config with the short circuit connector fitted:

Fitted to The Steam crave Pumper because I’m too lazy to drip:

The Hellvape Seri RDA is available in 5 colours:


The Hellvape Seri is very easy to build on due to the open deck. The airflow seems good enough to suit most, if not all people. The flavour is very good as you would expect from an RDA. I used this RDA in both squonk mode on the Steam Crave Pumper and with the normal 510 on a regular mod and didn’t run into a single issue. It is possible to do a 6 coil build on this RDA but I didn’t get chance to try it yet. I’m not sure how many people will want a triple coil RDA but those that do wouldn’t be disappointed with this.


  • High power, triple coil setup
  • Very easy to build on
  • Great build quality
  • Great flavour
  • Everything included to get a build going
  • 26mm size will fit many devices


  • Well, none really. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do and does it well, at a very reasonable price.

Final Thoughts:

I’ve had zero issues with this RDA and I highly recommend it. Flavour is excellent, super simple to build on. I just wish it was 30mm instead of 26mm but that is personal preference only. This is certainly another flavour banger from Hellvape.

Thanks go out to Joyi from Sourcemore for supplying this RDA for review and she has also provided me with a discount code which would have netted you a good saving but it is already on sale currently for less than this code but I will post it anyway as I was asked:
$22.69 Hellvape SERI RDA

Thanks for reading!

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Nicely done @Illogik. I have to say when I saw this, I thought, “Mega Vape” !!!

AND, I looks pretty good sitting on that Pumper too !!!


Thanks SD. Yeah it’s a complex looking deck indeed lol


Good review, but so much left unsaid. :smiley:
Did you prefer the dual or triple coil setup?
What kind of watts were you vaping each at?
How did it compare to your 30mm Steamcraves that you reviewed?


I preferred the triple coil setup at 100w for the best flavour.
I was vaping at 75w with dual coil.
Flavour is not as good as the Hadron RDSA.


Great review Andrew, excellent pictures and very well written, I’m yet to find my happy place with this thing but I’ve had fun trying, the coils it comes with are garbage ant the o-rings are way too tight on mine, getting the cap off is a mild work out, totally agree on wishing it was a 30mm though, needs it.


Thanks Pugs :wink:


Thanks for checking out the Seri for us, Andrew. Good work!


Thanks Brian! :beers:


Great informative review, not for me personally but I’m sure many will like this!


Thanks Tim :beers: