Hellvape Hell200 Mod Kit


Mod kits are usually challenging to review, often one element of the kit is good and the other seems like an afterthought, but sometimes you’re lucky and both the tank and mod are excellent.

Product overview

The Hell200 Mod Kit is comprised of the Hell200 dual 18650 200w regulated mod and the TLC stock-coil tank.

The tank and mod are available as a kit, the tank is also available on its own, but I haven’t heard anything about the mod being available on its own, well not yet anyway.

What do you get?

  • Hell200 Mod
  • TLC tank fitted with 5ml straight glass
  • 6.5ml bubble glass
  • 1×0.15ohm KA1 coil
  • 1×0.2ohm KA1 coil
  • Spares, manual, USB type-C cable

First Impressions

Obvious first impression – this mod is absolutely tiny and weighs almost nothing (86g for just the mod). It’s so light, that I assumed it was plastic, until I felt the cold metal. The aesthetics are very subdued, with a small ‘HELL200’ brand near the rear bottom edge of the mod.

As a size comparison, I put it next to my Dovpo Riva 200 – while they are a similar height and width, the Hell200 is far smaller back to front and feels like it weights about half as much as the Riva.

The battery door is bottom hinged, which is my least favorite battery door design, however unlike most bottom-hinged mods that have the door as the base of the mod, the Hell200 has the hinged door recessed within the body of the mod, this should make it far less susceptible to wear and tear.

The only negative first impressions of the mod that I had were that the 510 isn’t centered (it still takes a 28mm RTA with no problems) and that while the fire button has a good feel to it, it also makes a rather hollow noise, rather than a satisfying click.

The TLC tank follows Hellvape’s recent design language that has been seen in the Dead Rabbit V3 RTA and the Hellbeast 2 stock coil tank.

Mod Review

The Hell200 mod has all the functions you’d expect, with wattage, temp control, VPC and bypass modes all accessible from the menu by clicking three times and then navigating with the plus/minus buttons. Apart from that, your only other options are puff reset, brightness and lock/unlock.

The screen is nicely sized and clear, with mode, battery levels, wattage, resistance, voltage, puff time and puff counter all displayed – the one thing lacking is UI customization, a choice of colors would have been nice.

The only annoyance that I encountered with the mod is the 10 second time-out, this is too short for my liking and as far as I can see isn’t adjustable. It does however just turn the screen off and one click is enough to wake it up again.

The chipset is a little basic, but has been performing flawlessly throughout my testing with various different atomizers - battery discharge rate, resistance and voltage are all as expected.

Tank Review

The TLC in the tank’s name stands for Top Loading Tank, and for those unfamiliar with the system, on the top-cap the drip-tip fits into a small raised base, unscrew that base and you can replace the coil just by dropping them into the top and screwing the base back in. This of course should result in your entire deck flooding, however the juice flow is spring-loaded and closes when the coil is removed.

This system does however have a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, your drip-tip choice is going to be very limited, you need an 810 drip-tip with o-rings and even then it’s probably going to overhang. Secondly, it’s hard to refill with some juice bottles, because the drip-tip and base stay in place when you remove the top-cap, remove the drip-tip and it’s no longer a problem.

  • 0.2ohm KA1 coil - this coil is rated for 50-60w and that is certainly where it performs the best. I started it at 40 and then 45w and was rewarded with mediocre flavor, but as soon as I put it up to 50w the flavor kicked in really nicely. With fruits I found it worth pushing it to 55w, but for everything else 50w seems to be the sweet spot. With this coil, I kept the airflow fully open.
  • 0.15ohm KA1 coil - this coil is rated for 60-70w and like the 0.2ohm coil, it performs best within its recommended range. Although the differences are small, this coil seems to focus more on cloud production than flavor – the flavor is good, just not quite as compared to the previous coil.

Overall, both coils perform well and give good flavor – nothing revolutionary, but very much in line with coils from other manufacturers.


The tank is decent for a mesh tank, I like the looks and the flavor from the coils, the 0.2ohm coil is especially nice. The convenience of the top-fill system is something worth having, even if it does come with a couple of minor drawbacks.

My opinion of the mod is far more subjective, I like the aesthetics a lot, and the compact size and light weight are major plus points for me, however if you’re looking for UI customization or IP67/68 protection, then it’s probably not for you.


The Hell200 Mod Kit was provided by Hellvape for the purposes of this review.


Good review , @I_aint_Joe :ok_hand:
The size/weight of this one might make it a good one to take out of the house?!


Nice looking mod @I_aint_Joe. Thanks for reviewing it.


well, it’s far more pocket friendly than most other dual 18650 mods.

But…it’s not shockproof/waterproof so you’d have to be more careful than with some of the IP67/68 mods.


Thanks - reviewing mods is more fun than the constant stream of pods that everyone wants to send me.


Hehe, VERY true @I_aint_Joe !!!


Thanks for the review @I_aint_Joe, definitely a refreshing change from those monotonous pod systems.


Seems strange that they seem to be using a Geekvape Aegis chipset. Don’t know if the two companies have become linked in some way or if Hellvape have just copied Geekvape’s system.