Happy Birthday Pugs


Noticed the cake so happy birthday your pugsliness and many more :grin:


Happy birthday, young fella!! :wink:


Happy birthday Pugs and I do hope you get some friends over :wink:



Now that you are officially older than dirt you could perhaps put your autographed copy of the bible on ebay for some extra funds.

Happy day of first breath brother.


Happy birthday fella have a good one :birthday:


Happy Birthday young fella, may you have many more. :tada: :new_zealand:


Happy Birthday! May you live to see your 120’th (traditional Israeli birthday greeting)


Happy birthday Sir Puggington!


Happy Birthday Brother Pug!!


Holy crap I can’t believe I missed this! Happy late birthday!!!


You’re not the only one. The Birthday Boy himself has dissed us!!


Well…if someone would of fucking tagged me in it I might of actually seen it! :joy::joy:

Thanks fellas :wink::beers: I love you all more than is deemed appropriate and in most countries…is probably illegal. :smiling_imp:

you know how I like to make a late entrance looking all fabulous n shit…ever the drama queen :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::beers:


Well, I certainly hope you got tagged on your special day. Hope you had a good one my Puggly-Wuggly pal.


I got tugged…is that the same thing…??



In this Yankee vernacular (and maybe more specifically Midwestern, or even Missouri, or even East Central Missouri), it means you had sex. Getting tugged implies there was not a partner needed or present.


Oh I had a wank…

Not sure what you’re talking about, filthy man…



That would indicate that you consumed a sandwich. Mustard optional.