Happy Birthday @mrpipes!


Proud to consider you a friend, and glad to have you here bud!

Wishing you all the best man!
Hope you have a wonderful day!


Happy birthday @mrpipes, it’s not a pipe but close :laughing:



Happy Birthday!!


That’s ok, I’ve never smoked a pipe- er- with tobacco anyway.:grin: Pipes is my dog. When we got him we put him in a cage next to our bed. He howled all night. I said to wife “damn, he’s got a set of pipes doesn’t he.” So we named him Mr Pipes. :rofl:


I agree with @Sprkslfly, glad to count you among my friends. Here’s to many more.


I know, but still…



Happy Birthday ya old fart!!! Ya made it another year. Good goin! Here’s to many more.


Happy birthday! Awesome to know you :birthday: :beers:


Happy Birthday my friend! Here’s to many more :beers:


Happy Birthday mate hope you have an awesome day.



Happy Birthday my friend and awesome dog, love boxers, just a downright cool buddy to have around :+1:


SO! Now the question is…
Do you feel a day older? Or a year and a day older? :laughing:


I don’t know. I feel pretty damned old sometimes…because I am. :grin: I had a real nice day yesterday but the adage that the older you get the faster time goes by seems to be spot on true, to me anyway. I’ve been down a lot of different roads, but I’m not out of gas yet. So I’m very fortunate, and know it.

Thanks everyone for the kindness.


happy belated birthday you old bastard :wink::facepunch:


Happy Birthday @mrpipes sorry it’s a bit late, but then again I’m an old fart as well.


Can’t believe I missed this! Happy late birthday @mrpipes hope it was a good one!