Hangsen Vanilla problem


I started to use a bottle of HS Vanilla which had set in my refrigerator for about 3 months. I noticed after shaking it the vanilla had crystallized and the lower portion was pure white. Shaking would not mix it so I transferred half of it to a glass bottle. I have never experienced this with any vanilla but have with AP and EM. Using heat is helping to dissolve it and if necessary I can run my homogenizer which certainly will liquefy it. It smells and tastes the same as my older bottle. Nevertheless I am wondering if I should use it? Any advice or experience with such a thing would be appreciated.


There are a few flavours that this will happen to when kept in the fridge , malted milk tpa and inw milk choc orig are two that immediately spring to mind.

I am fairly sure it is EM that is re crystallizing (could be totally wrong). I have found no lasting effect from it. I usually just warm water bath and shake the crap out of it and it is all good again.


This turned into a real project but it is all dissolved. Took about an hour. For certain it is not gong back in the fridge. When the solids on the bottom broke loose it was like shaking a bottle of rocks. I tasted it SF and it seems OK.


ya it is a pain to get re dissolved - it does have a bit to do with the temp of the fridge (i have mine on the hottest temp) but there are a couple of flavs i dont keep in the fridge as a result.


Update: I found a 10 ml in my fridge. It is perfectly clear. This new one has again turned milky. I used 60C and a homogenizer last night and thought that it worked. Nope. I made a mix with it last night and can see that it has separated and is pure milky white in the mix. Don’t know and never seen anything like this.

Shitcanned! Beware.