Halloween costume ideas for vapers

With only a few weeks left till Halloween, we are officially in the Trick or Treat season. You still have lots of time to stock up on candy to give out to your hopefully friendly night-time visitors. But if you are planning to dress up, the clock is ticking fast.

With this quick post, we hope to give you a few Halloween costume ideas that will proudly incorporate your vaping habit.

Steamy characters

Let’s start off with the classics. Anything that is in any way related to vapor and steam is worked into a vape themed Halloween costume idea. Some of the classics include:

Thomas the Tank Engine

Teapot from Beauty and the Beast

Bowser from Mario Brothers

And loads of other characters (from whichever epoch or genre you will the closest to).

Nature stuff

Making a cloud costume (read vape cloud) would probably be the easiest and quickest in terms of prep. All you will need is some styrofoam, some duct tape and a pair of scissors. If you can do some cool vape tricks, like, for instance, the waterfall, you could technically be just that and come to a Halloween party as Niagara Falls.

Vape gear

Yep, some people don’t stray too far from the theme itself and, if you run a simple Google search, you will find plenty of pictures of the creative minds who chose to dress up like a box mods. You may modernize this idea a bit and make yourself look like a pod mod or whatever gear is in trend in your country when you are reading this. Once again, these costumes should not take much to make and if you want to keep it pretty basic, you can probably do well with just a cardboard box and some paint.

Some prefer to even take the mods apart and dress up as vital vaping gear components. We have seen people in 18650 battery costumes and some even showed up to vaping meet-ups as coils.

Vaping celebrities

Let’s keep it simple — just dress up as Elon Musk. Ever since the airing of the famous Joe Rogan podcast, Elon Musk has become the face of smoke memes (in addition to his astonishing achievements in AI, of course).

Alternatively, you can always mimic the dressing style of any celebrity known for their vaping habits – like Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Joker

We had to give this one its own little paragraph. With both the movie and Joaquin Phoenix’s mesmerizing acting work getting rave reviews from global critics, the Joker may well be the most popular Halloween get-up this season. As the character rarely let a cigarette out of his hand during the two-hour plotline, you will be able to easily incorporate a vape mod into your costume. Picking up a few of those hypnotizing dance moves would do wonders for completing the look.


Great ideas! :grin:

Here are a few other ideas that could work:

Dragon - Creating a large dragons head and breathing vapour would make it look like you can breathe fire

Clouds - You can dress up as clouds and walk around creating clouds :rofl:

We didn’t have a smoke machine for our Halloween video (which I’ve posted in our vendor thread), so instead, we got everyone to vape into the cauldron. The vapour sits in the bowl and slowly rises from the top giving quite a good effect :smile: