Guess how much I paid for this?

freemax maxus 200W plastic on new this apocalypse RDA not a scratch and this flip I didnt know she was sending. And she xpresspost it to me all for 80 bucks! Thats a fuck of a good deal. I don’t need the stuff…

but I couldn’t say no. How do you??


Looks nice @ladycrooks but saying no is quite easy when you get used to it. I started doing it a while ago when I worked out how much stuff I wasn’t actually using… :rofl:


I know I have been using so many different devices I have to label them which juice is in it so I don’t forget. I always empty them when not in use for a while but most always ill go back to the tanks within a day I still haven’t found the perfect mod for my rdas yet…just haven’t so far the best for me has been my voopoo drag2