Gottlieb resigns


Good thing/Bad thing?
Devil You Know/Devil you don’t?

I dunno!


Just ‘devil’ will do. Government employee… swap one for another.


Oh my!!! Was he about to be exposed for his financial ties to Pharma and Tobacco? Did Pharma and Tobacco fire him for lack of ROI? Is it another shell game? Stay tuned for the answers you will never get and a new round of propaganda!!!


One of Gottlieb’s first initiatives was to overhaul the agency’s tobacco policies. He introduced a sweeping plan in the summer of 2017 to lower the nicotine in combustible cigarettes to minimally or non-addictive levels while trying to get more adult smokers to switch to e-cigarettes.

WTF :question:


I don’t think he was pressured to resign over that, but who knows. This may be more telling…

Gottlieb has also made it an agency priority to speed up approvals for generic drugs.

Oopsie, biting into BP’s pocketbook is a no-no!


I wasn’t implying that, I was just baffled by the statement in the article that he was trying to get more adults to switch to e-cigarettes.
I was under the impression that the opposite was going on.


Oh, I’m sure it is! I’m sure that didn’t help his case a lot either, but he was also pushing to severely limit the reach of (teen) vaping so there was probably less of a groundswell of hatred around that part. I just can’t help but see that obvious disconnect between himself and BP. BP has been fighting forever against getting generics on the market too soon.