Get Ready For Rocky Waters... [World News]

There’s a post on ELR that I started with food shortage prep videos last year, get prepared, dried beans, canned foods, water in sealed containers, lots of good info on that thread…

US friends in North Dakota, now’s the time to stock up on supplies:

Another 70 car derailment there, the proof of the derailment was Ohio…
This is being done intentionally, please stock up.

When the shift from the dollar happens, it’ll effect everyone, especially the west. Inflation is going to sky rocket, so it’s probably wise to spend some money on non perishable food and get ready to start rationing if not now


Gotta figure, sabotaging train track’s is small potatoes when compared to Nordstream.

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And you know it wasn’t Russia like they said because the story got quiet pretty fast, if there were suspicions there’d be no stopping to the articles.


Oh, I know well enough, it wasn’t the first time either. From a few other parties on his team