Get it together Au customs

Invariably when importing flavours at some stage you will have a package that customs wants more information on - usually, an official MSDS will do the job sometimes you are amazed at the depth of stupidity of customs officers when they want a document from the manufacturer that says that Flavourart cream fresh and Capella vanilla custard contain NO DAIRY OR MEAT PRODUCTS. FFS customs get your shit together you imbeciles. READ THE MSDS you know the part that says artificial flavour - So far I have been to and fro for the last 15 days - end rant


They probably have a storeroom full of the buggers and send him back a box full :laughing: :spider: :spider: :spider: :package:


Man, I hate blackmail - I managed to get the package cleared through customs and their “fee” for wrongly quarantining my parcel (value $220 aud) was $79 aud. So basically they stuff up, make you jump through hoops then you have to pay a ransom for the privilege of being bent over. Assholery at its finest. The day the world becomes a place without these stupid man-made borders will be a great day.

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I got my parcel today - the customs dweebs never even looked inside for the paperwork (it is usually in a blister on the outside)

As an added bonus the flavours I ordered on the 11 Nov 18 showed up unexpectedly today as well! I had written them off as gone into a black hole. The vendor asked me to wait until the 11th of Feb before they would any take action.