Geothermal Engineering: Cloud Seeding, weather control - Very Real and Admitted

As cloud seeding and Geothermal engineering has blatantly been obvious (and patented for 50+ years) it’s time to look into what they are finally admitting to:

Here are the Satanic Propagandists at the View, with a woman (sorry) that is giving a presentation on what has been happening for year, the naysayers need to watch this if they prefer to hear them from Celebrities:

Here is a woman that is giving a speech at the UN about the problems with doing this over time, you won’t see this on main stream media because they’re in on it, have been bought and are not your friend(s):

This is just a friendly reminder that we’re expendable to them, remember that, you have been mislead into believing into the climate hoax (if you have been) and if you still buy it, but watch these videos and understand what they are doing.

-Why are fires out of control if they can make it rain (think Australia fires, think Canada)
-If these things are happening, what is it doing to our food supply?
-What damages have been done to infrastructure because of their lack of stepping in (or stepping in too much as videos show)?
-Why are the people being footed with the bill?
-What’s with the increasing averages of long term illness(es) and chronic conditions? Is it because of these things they’re doing to our environment?

etc etc etc…