Gentleman Johnny (A Custard)

This recipe uses flavors from Inawera and if you like “depth” and a bit of nutty earthiness then this just might be for you.


A poo poo pee dee doo doo !!!

@Dan_the_Man Loved it man, and I had to replay 0:18 over and over, to get your saying right !!!


I have to admit Dan, Walnut, Sesame ?? What’s Gentlemen ?? As far as giving the Walnut away, that sucks. Been there, done that. “I’ll never use this, let’s gift it”, {one week later}, “Where the F is that XXXXX, I really need it” !!!


The sesame was going in no matter what and I needed a mild nut and wamo bamo. At first this recipe was bad. Real bad. I couldn’t believe it. It should have been good…

Same ole story. I put it away and tried it a couple of months later and WOWsers!!!

LOL I know right? I looked everywhere and finally decided I must have given it away. Yep, @Daveflowers9 got it. I hope you make this recipe Dave!! LOL. You da man Dave.


Off topic apart from it is to do with a Inawera flavouring. I do tend to like their flavourings and one of my favourite flavourings in general is Banana but does anybody else find the Inawera Banana a very Green Banana? I don’t like it at all it tastes like Banana skin to me not the lovely fruit!


I dont have the gentleman, I’m not sure what that even is… recipe sounds good tho, I like custards.


Alright @Dan_the_Man, it’s up to YOU !!!

WTF is Gentlemen ???

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I’m gonna have to agree with you on that. They do have a couple fruits that are just horrible. eg. Blue berry, Banana, Watermelon so far are fruits of theirs that I don’t like.

I haven’t done a review for this flavor yet but Bananshee by Inawera It’s strawberry, banana and waffles. It’s actually good. I still need to do some more testing but the banana seems to be spot on.

Gentleman is very light tobacco or at least that is what they call it. The tobacco is light, with more than a hint of mixed nuts and acytal pyrazine is the main flavor for this “gentleman” and it is more versatile than at first I thought.

If was gonna replace it I would try acytal pyrazine and or FA’s mixed nuts. I would like to keep it all the Inawera but haven’t found a mixed nut in their flavors.

Easy, just think of us British, Smooth, unfussed, sophisticated, we are all 007 types, Innit!!!