Geekvape Zeus Nano Tank

Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the Zeus Nano Tank from Geekvape. The Zeus Nano Tank was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Geekvape.



Geekvape in the last 3 years have become best known for their Zeus atomizers and Aegis devices and here we have them meet in the form of coil cross compatibility. The Zeus Nano Tank borrows it’s top to bottom airflow system from it’s bigger brother the Zeus Sub-ohm tank just on a smaller scale offering a more restrictive vape for lower wattage RDL or loose MTL dependant on airflow setting and installed coil head. The coils get press fitted into the chamber and the top to bottom airflow offers a leak resistant solution.

The Zeus Nano Tank accommodates the G Boost B-series coil heads that are used by the Aegis boost and this cross compatibility of coil heads is something that’s both welcomed and we should see more of. Coming in 6 different colour options and with familiar Zeus aesthetics let’s give the 22mm in diameter new member of the Zeus family a closer look!

In The Box



1 x Zeus Nano Tank (2ml)(Pre-installed: Geekvape B Series Coil 0.4ohm,25~33W)
1 x Geekvape B Series Coil 0.6ohm,15~25W
1 x Drip tip
1 x Coil tool
1 x User manual
1 x Spare parts pack
1 x Spare glass tube (3.5ml)


The Zeus Nano Tank came in cardboard box sample packaging so the retail packaging will differ. I received the Rainbow colour version, the options are Silver, Gunmetal, Blue, Black, Gold or Rainbow.

The build quality and overall look is the same as we have seen with previous Zeus family members with the Nano at 22mm being the most slender of the siblings which also gives it a taller look.

Up top we have a Black 510 Delrin drip tip then a top-cap that tapers and has spaced indented grooves for a good grip. The base section has the same indented grooves and is 22mm at the very base and then it tapers outwards then back inwards making the straight glass approximately 23mm wide. Below the top-cap we have the airflow control ring with short dual airflow slots and “ZEUS” carved into the metal. Looking through the glass at the visible chamber we can see cut-out sections either side that line up with the coils wicking ports and the familiar Zeus logo on both the front and back. Moving to the base we have a Gold plated 510 pin, branding and safety marks!


Zeus Nano Specs and Features:

Diameter: 22mm
Height: 56.55mm
Tank Capacity: 2ml
Filling Method: Top filling
Airflow: Top to Bottom Airflow Control
Drip Tip Type: 510 Drip Tip
Resistance: 0.6ohm KA1 Mesh Coil - Rated 15-25W;
0.4ohm KA1 Mesh Coil - Rated 25-33W
GV Boost Formula G Coil/B Series Coil
Material: Stainless Steel+Pyrex Glass
The Most Reliable Leakproof tank
Quick-change prebuilt coil system
Thread: 510
Colours: Silver, Gunmetal, Blue, Black, Gold, Rainbow


What You Receive?

As well as the Zeus Nano Tank with 2ml straight glass you also receive a 3.5ml bubble glass and full set of spare O-rings. You also get one of the boost coil spanners for help with coil removal although i have never found the need to ever use it whichever kit it has been supplied with. Also included are 2 different G-Boost B-Series coil heads, and finally a spare (identical) 510 drip tip.


It’s Various Parts

Up top we have a plain Delrin 510 with a bore suited to a restricted direct lung or loose MTL draw and the spare is identical, at least the spare i received is. We then have the top cap with bayonet fitting that secures to the juice port plate which has attached the double chamber with incorporated airflow system.



On the top of the Chamber and juice port plate section we have an airflow control ring that can be easily removed for cleaning purposes and the glass tube whether it be the pre-installed straight glass or included bubble glass secures really well over an O-ring below the airflow slots and above the chamber. The coil head gets press fitted into the chamber and base section with 510 thread screws on to complete the tank!


Fitting The Coil Head

The Zeus Nano Tank takes the same Boost coils that fit both the Boost and Boost Plus and you receive both the 0.6ohm and 0.4ohm kanthal mesh coils, the 0.4ohm is rated between 25w and 33w and the 0.6ohm rated between 15w and 25w.


As mentioned the coil head just gets press fitted into the chamber, make sure that the wicking ports line up with the cut-out ports on the chamber so it wicks correctly, then simply screw the tanks base on and you are ready to fill!



As mentioned the top-cap has the same bayonet fitting as the other Zeus family members which let’s face it who doesn’t prefer this method rather than more time consuming threading? So just a quarter turn, if that and the top-cap is off revealing 2 quite narrow kidney shaped juice ports. Although the ports are quite narrow they are within a deep channel so the e-liquid will find it’s way into the ports if using bigger nozzles just a little more time consuming but standard gorilla nozzles are fine.


Once filled again it’s just the slightest of turns and the top-cap is secured and you are good to go!


The Airflow

The airflow on the Zeus Nano Tank is the same top to bottom airflow we see on all the Zeus Tanks and the particular design on the Zeus Nano is identical to how it was executed on the Zeus Sub-ohm tank just with smaller airflow inlet slots and narrower cavity.

The airflow enters through the top angled airflow slots, the amount of air can be controlled by adjusting the airflow control ring which as usual on a Zeus tank moves with just the right amount of tolerance. The chamber is double walled with a cavity either side for the airflow to travel down before coming out into the base section through a narrow elongated slit either side. Once the air is in the base section it can enter the air inlets at the base of the coils just as it would with bottom airflow.


Some seem to think that top to bottom airflow can not give good flavour due to the loss of pressure travelling from top to bottom but on the Zeus however the system has been designed they always seem to get the slot, cavity ratio right and many including me find the Zeus family give cracking flavour, whether it’s the single coil original, dual coil versions or Sub-ohm Tank!


Using with the Boost or Boost Plus

As well as utilising the same Boost Coils as the Aegis Boost and Boost Plus Pod Mods when using either device with a 510 adaptor which are available from Geekvape and third party manufacturers the tank makes a good partner for either.

Geekvape did send me the 510 adaptor for the Boost Plus with the Zeus Nano and it clicks in place securely and has no movement whatsoever. I like these 510 adaptors for pod mods as they allow them to be used as a compact out and about standard device. The Zeus Nano fits nicely on top of both the Boost and Boost Plus and with the Boost Plus adaptor which was sent we have a mm either side to play with so tanks up to 26mm will fit without overhang!


How It Vapes? And Thoughts!

If you think the Zeus Nano tank is just to maybe use up surplus Boost coils you would be very much mistaken as the Boost coils give very good flavour used with the Boost devices but in the Nano whether it is to do with a superior airflow system or metal chamber or combination of both the flavour is serious pinging from both coils in conjunction with a very smooth draw.

The 0.6ohm coil has a narrower bore than the 0.4ohm and wide open gives a restricted direct lung vape which can be closed down for even more restriction and even just open a loose MTL is possible although really it’s more suited for RDL but it told me enough that if a MTL boost coil became available the Nano could give satisfactory both medium-loose and loose MTL draws with the airflow just slightly open. The 0.4ohm coil which i preferred at 28W and the airflow two thirds open for the restriction i like gives a semi restricted draw fully open. The 0.6ohm coil i both used at 20w with airflow half open for a very restricted direct lung vape but also closed it down to a 6th open and at just 15w for a reasonable loose MTL vape.

When it comes to stock coil tanks there seems a lot of both MTL and high wattage Sub-ohm tanks but this covers the more neglected area which is how a lot of vapers prefer to vape which is a low wattage restricted direct lung vape many of whom when the mood takes also like a loose MTL. My first con will be only 2 coils are still available as far as i am aware and i would like to see a dedicated MTL coil to show the full versatility the Nano could offer. My only other con is those narrow juice ports which are set within a deep channel so if the e-liquid struggles to go through the port from the nozzle it’s not messy just you have to wait as it finds it’s way through the juice port.

With the 2ml straight glass i found myself filling quite often but that was my choice as i could of fitted the bubble glass so not an issue and i love the bayonet fitting all the Zeus range employ. The coils can get fitted and removed in an instant and although it’s a nice touch receiving a tool to help it really isn’t needed, also as long as the juice level falls below the chamber cut-outs when the tank is turned upside down the coil can be swapped out with the juice in the tank!

Also the fact the Zeus Nano uses the Boost coils is a big pro as cross compatibility is something we need to see more of and also the Zeus Nano looks great on top either the Boost or Boost Plus with the use of a 510 adaptor!



Very good build quality
6 Colour options
Bayonet top-cap fitting
Comes with 2 different mesh coil heads
Utilises Boost Coils (cross compatibility)
3.5ml Bubble glass included
Fits good on top either Boost or Boost Plus with 510 adaptor
Very good low wattage RDL tank on it’s own merits
Very loose MTL possible with 0.6ohm coil
Spare drip tip (wish it was a different option to pre-installed tip)
Very smooth draw
Flavour pinging from both coils
Included coil removal tool (not really needed)
Top to bottom leak resistant adjustable airflow
Press fitted coil heads (quick to install and remove)


Narrow juice ports
Only two available coils
Only a very loose MTL possible with 0.6ohm coil
No dedicated MTL coil to fully utilise the Nano’s potential
Both supplied drip tips identical (a different option would be preferable)


I would once again like to thank Geekvape for supplying the Zeus Nano Tank for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!


Great review Tim. Right up my alley. Low wattage RDL vaper


Yeah same here although i also enjoy MTL when the mood takes. For a while i was low wattage RDL exclusively but due to some quality MTL RTA’s released lately gone back to about 50% MTL vaping!


Another great review @Timwis.


Thanks, much appreciated! :+1:


Very detailed review sir. Thank you.