Geekvape Obelisk 60 Pod Kit 2200mAh - Review

Hi Vaping Community, In this review I take a look at the Obelisk 60 Pod Kit from Geekvape. The Obelisk 60 Pod Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Allison from Geekvape.

Obelisk 60


Geekvape who by most are best known for their Aegis mods and Zeus atomizers have recently released the new Obelisk range of devices. I have already reviewed the compact dual 18650 Obelisk 200 and the Obelisk 120FC which has a 3700mAh internal battery that can fully charge using PD 65w fast charging protocol in less than 15 minutes and here we have the Obelisk 60.

The Obelisk 60 is a pod mod which is for DL and Semi restricted direct lung vapers, taking the lack of IP rating out of the equation then think of it has the Aegis Boost on steroids! The Obelisk 60 utilises a slimmed down version of the menu system we see on the other Aegis and Obelisk devices but has the same looking display and keeps the fringe features for locking the device and changing display colour etc. The Obelisk 60 is a Power only device offering just Power and Bypass modes and is adjustable from 5 to 60 watts.

With the same form factor and IML side panels as the other Obelisk devices it has a familiar look, it boasts top to bottom adjustable airflow and 2A quick charging via the Type C USB connection, let’s crack on!

In The Box


1 x Obelisk 60W Device
1 X 4ml Pod (2ml TPD)
1 x Geekvape P Series Coil (Pre-installed: 0.4Ω 50~60W)
1 x Geekvape P Series Coil (0.5Ω 40~50W)
1 x Type C USB Cable
1 x Coil Tool

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Obelisk 60 Kit came in cardboard box packaging with outer cardboard sleeve with a picture of the device in the chosen colour on the front and contents, specs etc on the reverse. I received the Black version, the options are Green, Blue, Gunmetal or Black, The Black has both Black frame and panels, the Gunmetal again has both Gunmetal frame and panels while the Blue and Green options have panels in the chosen colour but Silver frames!

Either side we have a large rectangular panel which is made from 4 layers with the final top layer giving a mirrored look, it is a form of IML process apart from unlike the IML process on Vaporesso devices these panels are fingerprint magnets, on the vertical towards the front at the top on each mirrored panel we have “geek vape” in a mirrored Silver finish!

Unlike on the Aegis the front panel is curved and instead of a light switch style fire button we have an horizontally positioned rectangular fire button which protrudes nicely and is very clicky. Below we have the screen followed by the side by side square navigational buttons which again protrude nicely and have the same clicky feel as I found with the fire button.

The spine is curved with spaced vertical corrugations and moving to the base we have safety stamps and branding. Moving up top the pods main top flat surface sits flush with protruding airflow control which forms the base for the proprietary Delrin drop tip!

The device is comfortable in the hand and with it’s CNC machined Aluminium main construction is much lighter than I expected, build quality is very good, no complaints at all apart from as mentioned those fingerprint magnet side panels which could be an issue if you have OCD!

Obelisk 60 Specs and Features:

Size: 97 x 47.5mm
CNC Aluminium construction
Pod Capacity: 4ml (2ml TPD)
Output Power Range: 5-60W
Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0ohm
Included Coils: P 0.4ohm coil (50-60W), P 0.5ohm coil (40-50W)
Longest Output/vaping Time: 10S
Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
Charging Voltage: USB Type-C 5V/2A
Intelligent Power-control chip
Magnetic Pod Attachment
Display Screen: 0.96 inch TFT Colour Screen
Colours: Black, Gunmetal, Blue, Green


On both website and in the manual it states this has temperature control and also gives instructions on resampling and locking resistance. I can only guess to be efficient a lot of information is copied from previous Obelisk devices and the TC information has not been deleted in error! To confirm the Obelisk 60 has Power and Bypass modes only!

What You Receive!

You receive the device and pod with pre-installed P 0.4ohm (50-60W) coil head. You also receive a P 0.5ohm (40-50W) coil head, coil tool, Type C USB Cable and paperwork!

The Pod

We have a large very darkly tinted rectangular pod with protruding shelf front section which has a 4ml capacity (2ml TPD), it actually looks like it should hold more liquid but we have a top to bottom airflow system that takes up some of the internal space!

The base of the pod has a cylindrical opening for the coil and then a large magnet to both the rear and that protruding shelf. Up top we have a base for the drip tip which incorporates airflow adjustment, the drip tip is removable but is between a 510 and 810 fitting and no alternative is supplied which takes away most of the advantage of it being removable in the first place!

On one side we have a Black Silicone section with liquid drop symbol which is the bung for the fill port, when lifted free it stays attached and reseals well. Side fill can be a bit of a nightmare which is the case with this pod. The port is a reasonable size but I both can’t see the liquid level through the darkly tinted pod and the substantial coil head obscures the nozzle making it very awkward and time consuming to fill!

The Coil heads and Fitting them

The Obelisk 60 Pod deploys the usual plug and play method we see with most of the popular pod mod pods so the coil head just gets press fitted into the pod where it will be sealed via O-rings at the base, midway up and to the chimney!

Two coil heads are included which are the pre-installed P 0.4ohm coil head (50-60W) and the P 0.5ohm coil head (40-50W), both coil heads are Kanthal mesh!

Fitting The Pod

Looking inside the pod bay we have at the bottom both positive and negative Gold plated, spring loaded contacts. Low down one side and on an upper shelf towards the front of the device we have strong magnets that line up with the magnets on the pod. The pod just gets lowered into place and before the snap of it securing you can feel the magnetic pull, in fact it takes a strong tug to remove the pod from the bay to fill! The pod when secured has no play whatsoever, cracking job!


The Airflow

The Obelisk 60 has a top to bottom airflow system all incorporated on the pod. We have a double walled base for the proprietary drip tip and then an outer AFC which turns but doesn’t seem to be able to be removed!

On the outer wall we have a slot and then a matching slot on the AFC so simply turning the AFC determines how much of the airflow slot on the wall is open, the air goes through the slot and travels down to the base of the coil giving bottom airflow!



The display is bright and sharp as well as being very familiar if you have some of the Aegis devices that tend to use the same display and menu system. Everything is lined up vertically so up top we have the battery status bar followed by mode, then underneath the mode we have either wattage or voltage depending which mode you are in.


In the lower section we first have resistance followed by amps, then voltage (wattage when in Bypass mode) and finally the puff count which shows vape duration while firing!

Operating The Device

The Obelisk 60 has the same display layout and look as most Aegis mods and the other devices in the Obelisk range but the menu system while the same is scaled down as the Obelisk 60 doesn’t have TC or curve features!

5 clicks of the fire button turns the device on and once on 5 clicks powers the device down. Once on pressing both navigational buttons together locks just those buttons but the device will still fire but while the navigational buttons are locked 3 quick clicks of the fire button will also lock that button so the device will no longer fire. Pressing both navigational buttons and fire together is stealth mode turning the screen off but still allowing the device to be fired, repeating the process takes it out of stealth mode!

When the device is completely unlocked 3 clicks of the fire button highlights the mode, with the mode highlighted you can either use one of the navigational buttons to switch between Power and Bypass modes, when Power is highlighted press fire to highlight Puffs which can then be reset by pressing - or with either Power or Bypass highlighted pressing both navigational buttons together changes the colour of the accents on the display, the options are Orange, Yellow, Blue, Light Green or Purple!

Brightness can also be changed by pressing fire and + to increase or fire and - to decrease. The wattage adjusts from 5w to 60w in 0.5w increments with single button presses or 1w increments with a button held down, it round robins!


Overheat Protection
Low Temperature Protection
Overvoltage Protection
Low Voltage Protection
Charge & Discharge Over Current Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Low Ohm Protection


The device gets charged via the Type C USB connection and has a 2A charge rate, while charging a charging status progress bar is displayed but no charge as a percentage or estimated time left!

There is a graphic on their website which I will put below that claims you get less battery depletion from many charging cycles compared with other devices. The problem is it’s optimised for charging at 1A yet most will either plug this into their adaptor that is for 2A charging or computer and charge at 0.5A! After saying that there are loads of graphs on the marketing showing for this compared to “OTHERS” but when you go on “OTHERS” their marketing have the same graphs so does the Obelisk 60 then become one of the “OTHERS”?

My Thoughts

I found the Aegis Boost to be a RDL device with a manufactured loose MTL possible but the Obelisk 60 is s pod device for those that like more air. I would say almost full on DL with just the slightest restriction fully open and even when closed right down a semi restricted direct lung and the supplied coil heads suit the device well, as mentioned before it’s the boost on steroids!

Being a modest wattage vaper I preferred the 0.5ohm coil head at 40W but also for a short time tested the 0.4ohm coil head which was best at 50w (both lower end of their ratings but possibly because I had just less than half airflow)! The 0.5ohm really impressed me as I have had about 1800 puffs and still getting good flavour although in the last 200 puffs I have started to get some dampness in the pod bay when for most of the time testing it has remained dry so probably need to consider a new coil! The 0.4ohm coil I only tested for about 400 puffs for no other reason than I wanted to use the lower wattage coil although this also gave good flavour and has plenty of life still left in it!

I do like the look and that it has the same form factor and build quality as the other Obelisk devices, it’s both light and ergonomic and has really nice clicky buttons! The performance was very good firing without delay and when upping the wattage to 60w with the 0.5ohm coil head with the battery icon showing just one bar I could see by the voltage being at 5.4v that the device has voltage boost!

I like the familiar sharp display, that the display colour can be changed, brightness altered and that there are multiple locking options! Having Type C 2A charging is another plus although I would prefer better charging feedback, the 2200mAh battery seems about par and battery life was ok but nothing more!

My main cons for this are around the darkly tinted pod and filling method. I believe the section of the pod that can be seen on the face of the device is supposed to act as a viewing window but it’s not fit for purpose, I just can’t see the level! In fact even when pulling the pod out I struggled to see the e-liquid inside the pod I basically judged when filling was needed by noticing the vape was less saturated! Filling is very awkward as the coil head part obscures the opening and again I just couldn’t see the level, it was mostly guess work and twice I overfilled, what a mess!!!

Finally I really don’t see the point of the drip tip being removable as no alternative is supplied and it’s a proprietary fit!



Excellent build quality
4 Colour options
Pod device for DL vapers
Top to bottom adjustable airflow
Both coils gave good flavour
0.5ohm coil very good longevity (0.4ohm not tested for this)
Only very slight leaking when coil very old
Bright, sharp well laid out familiar display
Brightness and display colour can be altered
Lock just navigation buttons or whole device, plus stealth mode!
Power and Bypass modes
Puff counter (can be reset manually)
Voltage boost
Pod fits very securely
Type C USB, 2A charging
Pass-through supported


Pod very dark (can’t see juice level)
Side-fill (awkward to fill)
Proprietary drip tip fitting
No alternative drip tip supplied
Panels fingerprint magnets
Poor charging feedback
Mistake in manual and on website regarding TC

I would once again like to thank Allison from Geekvape for supplying the Obelisk 60 Pod Kit for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!

Obelisk 60


Thanks for another great review @Timwis. I’m still not a huge pod-er, but love the display on that one, and can appreciate the “dark” pod issues.


A clear pod and this would be hard to fault apart from a couple of petty things, I don’t mind tinted pods as long as the juice can be clearly seen but this is far too dark!


Much agreed. I HAVE liked a few “darker” setups, despite the voices in my head telling me NOT to. :slight_smile:


It sound’s like, to me, they went a bit overboard in trying to keep the color scheme of the device uniform.
What the Heck…just my two cent’s :slightly_smiling_face:


They do that a lot but the vast majority of the pod (apart from a small viewing window at the top which is not fit for purpose) is hidden from view anyway so wouldn’t effect the look of the device!


Always look forward to reading your reviews @Timwis, very thorough and honest boots on the ground testing :+1:


Thanks mate, I really appreciate that! :metal: