Geekvape L200 Classic Kit


I have a soft spot in my heart for the original Aegis Legend. Alongside the Pulse 80w, the Recurve, Wasp, Drop and Dead Rabbit RDAs, it represents a time of freedom, innovation and innocence for vaping.

Every new release was exciting, the market wasn’t saturated with pods and disposables, and half the planet wasn’t being screwed with draconian flavor bans.

However, it’s 2023 – and this is the review for the Geekvape L200 Classic Kit – is it an outdated throwback or a classic design made even better with modern technology?

Product overview

The L200 Classic Kit is comprised of: The 200w, dual 21700, IP68 L200 Classic mod, and the Z Max stock coil tank.

What do you get?

  • L200 Classic Mod
  • Coil removal tool (lies! there wasn’t one in my box)
  • Z Max Tank – with 0.14ohm coil installed
  • 1×0.2ohm triple coil of awesomeness (not the real name but…)
  • Spare 4ml bubble glass
  • 2×18650 battery adapter
  • Spares & USB Type-C cable
  • Positives: There’s an extra drip-tip with a mod kit!
  • Negatives: There’s no coil removal tool.

First impressions

I didn’t even need to open the box to know the mod was going to be huge – the box it comes in gives that away.

It’s not that it’s ridiculously tall, when I put it next to the Gaur 21 they are the same height. It is however chunky – when it comes to width and depth it makes the Gaur 21 feel dainty and small.

My subjective take is that it looks and feels great – the step back to the original rubberized design was a great choice.

Supposedly it will take up to 33mm atomizers – the largest I have is 30mm and it fits with plenty of room to spare.

My only concern with the design of the mod is that the black top of the mod is going to get scratched over time.

The Z Max tank is erm…ugly. The proportions of the bulbous bubble tank are just wrong – I usually fit bubble tanks to my RTAs, but this one looks silly. This would be forgivable if it resulted in decent juice capacity, but it’s only 4ml.

With a max size of 33mm to play with, they could have made a straight glass 30mm tank which would have looked awesome and had the same (if not greater) juice capacity.

Mod Functions

Five clicks to turn on/off and three to enter the mode select menu. From mode select you can choose between power, ‘boosting mode’, various temp control modes and power curve.

While in mode select pressing up & down allows you to change the UI color, there is also a resistance lock function while in power mode.

Fire & up or down allows you to increase or decrease the screen brightness and fire & up & down enters/exits stealth mode.

All of the functions are easily accessed from the main screen, there isn’t really a menu to mess around with. Overall, it’s a user friendly chipset.

All of the above is made easier by a large and clear screen – one of the best screens I’ve seen on a mod to date.

There is also a slide lock switch on the side of the mod – this locks everything including firing, which seems useless to me as you can just turn off the mod instead. A programmable switch is the perfect solution, a wattage adjustment lock is acceptable, but a total lock seems like a wasted opportunity.

Tank Performance

I had two concerns with this tank:

  • Mine didn’t come with the coil removal tool. This wasn’t an issue – I don’t have long finger nails, but I still managed to remove/install coils easily.
  • Seeing as it’s ugly, I hope it can make up for its lack of looks with decent performance.

To start with, I tried the pre-installed 0.14 coil that is rated for 60-80w. It’s good – the performance is in line with other similar coils from Voopoo, Hellvape, etc. It’s the sort of coil that you want to open up the airflow, push up the wattage and enjoy the vapor production. It’s pretty good, but nothing mind-blowing. If I had to compare this coil to something else well known, I’d say it lacks the flavor pop that you get from the newer PnP coils from Voopoo, but it has stronger overall flavor.

The 0.2ohm triple coil is something special. While the 0.14 single’s flavor was pretty good, the 0.2ohm triple’s flavor is excellent. Although it is rated for 70-85w, I didn’t find it necessary to take it over 75w, at which point the flavor and vapor production were highly impressive. The only downside to this coil is that it drinks juice at an alarming rate. This is right up there with the best stock coils that I’ve tried.

I would say that I’m very impressed with this tank, but that wouldn’t be accurate. I’m very impressed with the coils that come with this tank.


As long as you can deal with this size, then I didn’t find anything wrong with this mod – looks/feels good, decent chipset, up to 33mm atomizers and takes dual 21700s. There’s not much more I could ask for from a mod.

As for the tank, sure – it’s ugly, but the coils I tried in it go from ‘good’ to ‘awesome’ and that’s all that matters.

TL;DR – great mod, ugly tank, excellent coil.


The Geekvape L200 Classic Kit was provided for the purposes of this review by Sourcemore