Geekvape Aegis Legend kit review by Mjag

Hello once again and thank you for taking the time to check out my review of the Geekvape Aegis Legend kit which was sent directly from for this review.

You can find an album if pics here if you want to see more:

Getting to know the Aegis Legend

Following on the heels of the successful Aegis single 26650 mod Geekvape has returned with a dual 18650 version. They have added a little upgrades besides the dual 18650 like a nicer screen, here is a comparison collage of the 2, Legend on the right in every pic:

Passthrough 1 amp charging has been added as well, something that was not available on the original Aegis. Hidden behind a plug on the top of the mod doesn’t make for great placement and with it being narrow it will limit the USB plugs that will fit. The included USB works fine but a lot of other USB plugs will not fit due to the size of the outer casing. Since it is on top it will be right were you tank is as well, makes it awkward if you are trying to vape while charging.

Battery door is as solid as they come and with it being spring loaded makes installing and removing batteries a cinch. Clearly marked + and - symbols too boot.

The ergonomics and hand feel are great, not the smallest dual 18650 mod but it sure does feel comfortable to hold. The rubber sides has that great satin feel, the leather is cushioned and the way it is shaped gives a perfect seat for your palm. The place they could have improved though is to have a rounded edge to the front screen. It is not crazy uncomfortable but the front edge is the one spot that you notice.

The screen is a brighter and more vibrant version of the original. Navigation is the same which is to say easy and sensible. Just 3 clicks of the fire button highlights the mode but you can click the fire button again to scroll through the options on that mode. Really easy to figure out, one of my favorite mods to navigate.

Holds 30mm tanks with no overhang, always a plus in my book.

Looks good with various other size tanks too.

Power Performance

Comparing to a DNA250C the power performance was what I was expecting for the most part. At 150 watts the Aegis Legend felt like it was hitting a little harder with a 0.16 ohm build. A little the same at 200 watts, just felt a little hotter. Really it felt like there was some boost going on but really subtle, most noticeable when chain vaping on the 2nd and 3rd draw. Really what I noticed is the DNA250C felt more smooth in it’s power delivery, the Aegis a little more rowdy. Depending on how you like to vape one may be preferred more than the other but the differences are small.

Geekvape kept the excellent VPC mode which lets you set your watts in 1 second increments. Loved it on the original and Blade and it is the same easy to use and setup Variable Power Control system. While it is one of the few VPC modes I will use at times I wish they would have added a few memory slots for different setups. This way I could have had a memory for high powered, medium and low powered tanks. This is one of the main reasons I don’t use it often, I would have to change each setting when I decide to use a tank that has different power requirements.

Unless you love having preheat options without having to mess with a VPC mode then the Aegis Legend delivers.

TC Performance

Since the screen is improved I thought maybe a new chip? Wasn’t the case when I went into SS TC, same performance I would see with the original and Blade. With simple or clapton single coil builds the TC can be fairly good but with some dual coil builds it ran cold. Going into TCR I found 125 to offer closer to accurate results with trouble builds, sometimes a little lower or higher.

As with both the original and Blade good TC results can be had but it is dependent on your build. I found once I dialed it in it was a smooth TC vape, enjoyable enough to use it most of the time. The consistency aspect is still troubling but if you like to tinker you can get good results.

Battery Life

The first week it felt like everytime I picked up the Aegis Legend the batteries were low. I then started to track my puffs and found I could get 193 while vaping at 90 watts on a 0.15 ohm coil, not bad. I was then able to get 232 puffs at 65 watts and 250 puffs in TC mode. I generally take 3 to 4 second draws so that is pretty good results. I figured my initial worry wasn’t a worry at all, I just was using the hell out of it.

Measuring the batteries I got 3.27 V for both and 3.30 V on another occasion when getting the low battery warning.

Aero tank

Included in the kit is the Aero tank which uses Geekvape’s new Mesh coil and just one of there standard 4 hole coils.

It is a rather plain looking tank but well made and includes both a bubble and straight glass.

Performance with the new Mesh coil is pretty good, won’t go as far as saying better than some of the top mesh coils but if it was missing a little bit of flavor it wasn’t off by much. My preferred coil by far was the mesh over the other included coil, that one wasn’t bad but it made me miss the Mesh coil. Coils are Baby Beast compatible so you have a lot of coil options on the market. I haven’t looked at the price yet but I would be willing to buy more of the Geekvape Mesh coils to use in this tank and other baby beast coiled tanks I have if they are priced right, I enjoyed it.

810 friction fit drip tip compatible but it does have that raised area, wish they would have kept it flat for more drip tip compatibility.


  • Tough as nails and feels sturdy in the hand
  • Great power mode performance
  • Great screen, clear and concise
  • Easy to navigate menu
  • Great battery door
  • Great flavor and longevity from the Mesh coil
  • Easy to find fire button and all the buttons are nice and clicky
  • No rattles when giving it the shake shake
  • 30mm tanks fit with no overhang
  • Shockproof and waterproof


  • TC not the most consistent but can be made better using the TCR mode
  • Plastic screen will scratch up quickly
  • Rounded corners on the front screen would have made it more comfortable
  • Would have liked a tank that better matches the mods looks

Final Thoughts

While not the perfect mod the Aegis Legend is a welcome upgrade to the original Aegis and a mod I like a lot more than the Blade I reviewed a few months back. It is really well built, so much so I feared I would have to nearly break it to take it apart to show the internals. I did remove some screws but when I went to pull it apart it would not budge unless I started prying at it with a screwdriver. I like this mod too much to destroy it so no disassembly in this review.

The TC would be in my third tier of mods, works well enough with certain builds and proper TCR settings but getting there is not newbie friendly. I will be mainly using it in power mode, not a mod I would suggest for TC unless they are an experienced TC user. I would recommend the Aegis Legend all day for just a power or VPC mod, it is solid and a pleasure to use.

The Aero tank works really well and the included Mesh coil is a performer. If I lost the Aegis Legend I would definitely buy another one but the Aero tank would be a pass for me. There are other baby beast compatible tanks I like the looks of better, the Aero is just too plain. If you need a tank then the kit would get a recommendation but I do feel there are better tank options out there.

I am finding the kit for under $60, damn, that camo does look nice. It is about the same price for the kit as the mod by itself, get the kit then.

I want to thank Carrie from for sending me the Geekvape Aegis Legend kit for review, it is a mod that will continue to get a lot of use by me. You can find more info on there website:

Check out how this stacks up to other tasty gear and meet the Steampugs team of reviewers. Your bound to have a good time and read up on some great products, not so great ones too


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Thanks @Mjag very informative as always :+1::dash::dash:


Great review! You nailed it imho. I looked back at the charts and I think what you might have been feeling was the good, solid, flat hit the mod provides. Regardless of minor variations in output the mod hits solid and constant. That’s saying a lot.


Always dig your reviews!! I just retired the old rx200 so I’m thinking this would make a good replacement for a beater mod. Another job well done and thanks for sharing!!


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Thank you @Eddie. Definitely a good beater mod , the plastic screen is going to take the brunt of the abuse but I think you will really like the mod.


Great review man! I took a good look at this today at a local store. Its got a really good feel, just that solid feel of comfort and confidence. You enablers are forcing me to buy this, I just know it. Its a damn conspiracy I tell ya!


@Mjag Not sure how I missed this one, falling behind on the forum(s). Love the review, the pics, the details, and the insights.


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Geekvape just released firmware V1.2-0710. Notes of the update are: Battery life substantially improved; Temperature control significantly optimized.

I just installed it, easy enough and will comment if I notice much improvement.


Great review brother, you picked up on way more than I did, nice job man :wink: :ok_hand:


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