Geekvape Aegis Boost Pro Review by Aliraonz (Reviewer's Case)

Coming with a new review. This time is the Aegis Boost Pro, sent to me by Geekvape. Happy to share once again my personal opinions with our vaping community.

First some information taken from Geekvape website. Picture attached.

Here is the link in case you want to know more:

Inside the Box

Worth mentioning that I received the reviewer’s case which comes with all accessories available and compatible with this device. This is not the retail version.

  • Geekvape Aegis Boost Pro Mod
  • Boost Pro Pod - 6ml
  • Boost Plus Pod - 5.5ml
  • Boost Pro RDTA
  • Boost 510 Adaptor
  • P Series Coil KA1 0.2ohm – Rated for 60-70W
  • P Series Coil KA1 0.4ohm – Rated for 50-60W
  • B Series Coil KA1 0.3ohm – Rated for 30-38W
  • B Series Coil KA1 0.4ohm – Rated for 25-33W
  • B Series Coil KA1 0.6ohm – Rated for 15-25W
  • Spare 810 drip tip
  • Coil removing tool
  • Type C USB Cable
  • User manual

The retail version I believe comes with:

  • Geekvape Aegis Boost Pro Mod
  • Boost Pro Pod - 6ml
  • P Series Coil KA1 0.2ohm – Rated for 60-70W
  • P Series Coil KA1 0.4ohm – Rated for 50-60W
  • Spare 810 drip tip
  • Coil removing tool
  • Type C USB Cable
  • User manual


The Aegis Boost Pro is what we are used to see from Geekvape, silicone, leather, and zinc alloy frame with IP67 rating (waterproof, dustproof and shockproof). It offers a new quadra vaping system with a maximum power of 100W, upgraded user interface (bigger than the previous Boost Plus), also larger capacity of juice for the pod, USB-C, and a new series of coils (P Series Coils). The mod takes one 18650 battery.

At the top we have the connection for the pod, 510 adaptor and RDTA pod. At the front it has a clicky fire button, a 0.96” TFT colour screen and at the bottom the up/down buttons. On one side it has a covered USB-C charge port and Aegis branding. On the opposite side it has geek vape branding. At the back we see the usual and very comfortable leather stitching pad. At the bottom it has the battery door with vents, and it has clear markings for battery polarity.

The pod clicks in place, the user should be mindful of the way the pod goes just to make sure it is connected properly. I did not have any issues with this but just be sure after changing pods I will gently pull the pod.

The display on the mod is simple, bright, and easy to use. I just wish the battery indicator would have been a bit bigger.

To on and off the mod press fire button five times.

To change between the menu options, you press the fire button 3 times, once in the mode interface using the up or down button you can move between the following:

  • Power
  • TC-SS
  • TC-TCR
  • VPC
  • Bypass

Once in the mode interface if you press the fire button will move to the options under each one. To exit the mode interface, press the fire button.

To change the screen brightness, press the fire button and up or down button.

If buttons up and down are pressed at the same time it locks and unlock the device while the mod is still able to fire. When locked if you press the fire button 3 times will fully lock the device, wont be able to adjust or fire the mod.

To change the colours of the screen once in mode interface press the up and down buttons together, it will change between colours available.

Colour Screen

Boost Pro Pod

NOTE: The boost pro pod is not compatible with the Boost Plus.

The boost pro pod comes with a 6ml capacity (2ml for the TPD version), uses press fit coils and it has a rubber plug at the top of the pod to fill. It has an 810 drip tip. If the use wants to use their own can only fit those drip tips with O-rings on them.

The pod is slightly tinted but I can still see the juice level.

Geekvape redesigned the airflow ring, Gen 2. It has the well knows kidney shape design but now is at the top of the ring (less chances of blocking the airflow ring while holding the mod) and added two side airflows around the ring.

The coils provided are:

  • P Series Coil KA1 0.2ohm – Rated for 60-70W
  • P Series Coil KA1 0.4ohm – Rated for 50-60W

Always remember to prime coils first, press fit the coil into the base, fill with juice of your choice and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Just to make sure the coil is fully saturated.

I used first the P Series Coil KA1 0.4ohm, started at 35W, slowly went up to 55W, slightly warmer vape, but flavour is excellent. My prefer wattage for this coil is around 45W to 50W. Definitively a cloud producer.

With the P Series Coil KA1 0.2ohm is a warmer vape but full of flavour, I went up in watts but the vape became too warm for my liking. In saying so the flavour was excellent and for sure a could room filler.

Both coils are great, but I prefer the P Series Coil KA1 0.4ohm so far, this coil allowed me to vape at lower wattage with a cooler vape.

Boost Pro RDTA and 510 Adaptor

NOTE: Both are back compatible with the Boost Plus which is a big bonus.


The 510 adaptor will allow you to use this device as a mod and attach any tank of your choice.

The boost pro is a single coil RDTA, it features top and bottom airflow, the top airflow (8 holes on each side) has many options to adjust the amount of air desired. By turning the top cap, you can fine tune how many holes you want open. Unfortunately, the bottom airflow (airflow ring) is not adjustable which made the top airflow useless for me since is way too much air for my style of vaping. I wish they would have left the airflow ring adjustable just like the pod to give more control of the airflow to suit different vaping styles. Maybe something they could fix down the line.

For my build I used fused clapton 3mm ID coil. A 3.5mm ID coil would have fitted fine too. Do not overstuffed the cotton (I learned the hard way), thin the tails and I did not cut them long since the movement of the liquid in the pod will help with wicking. Regarding the airflow I used the RDTA with a fully block top airflow and just bottom airflow. Good flavour and plenty clouds.

Aegis Boost Pro


  • Fires up to 100W.
  • Excellent flavour.
  • Versatile and compatibility with previous accessories which is very convenient.
  • As always excellent construction and finish.
  • Fast firing
  • Airflow ring Gen 2.
  • Two pods – G Series and P Series coils.
  • A wide variety of coils available which cover 15 to 38W and 50-70W.
  • Can use other 810 drip tips with O-rings.
  • Menu is colourful, easy to see and use.
  • No leaks.
  • Available 510 adaptor – turn the device into a mod.
  • Available RDTA – Easy to build on.


  • The airflow ring on the RDTA is not adjustable. Hopefully, this will be fix in the retail version by either making adjustable like the pod or supplying some type of plug to block parts of it or completely.


  • Maybe 21700 battery version.
  • P Series or G series coil to cover 38-50W.

In conclusion, I would really recommend Geekvape Aegis Boost Pro, is a versatile device with plenty of accessories to cover a wide range of vaping styles and preferences, possibly not MTL since is quite airy. We know how well Geekvape does the Aegis line, so this is not a surprise. Provide excellent flavour with a wide range of coils plus an RDTA to do your own builds, in saying so the airflow ring on the RDTA needs to be adjustable.

I will like to thank Elliott from Geekvape for sending this amazing device and case for me to review and share with the community.


Great review @Aliraonz. I love the overall format that you chose. Clean, easy to read, and nicely laid out.


Very good review. Very informative. Thanks


Thank you all :wink: I just try my best