Gbox mod (inspired by other mods done to c(r)apo and gbox

So I guess everyone knows that gbox can be a very decent squonker, but the squonk bottle is terrible and the whole rigid rod mechanism is even worse.

Being a good engineer, I decided to improve the situation.

First of all I ordered myself a pack of 5 Squonk bottles from fasttech (YFTK Replacement bottom feed …)

Next part was to dig out my rare earth magnets pack that was used to magnetize my old warhammer 40k models.

I took the gbox apart, removed the dreadful rod mechanism (held in by 2 philips screws)

The magnet pack came with matching drill bits, so I drilled out the screw holes and installed magnets on both sides

The mod can now take a normal soft silicone squonk bottle, and I don’t need to open the battery doors to replace the bottle

And it looks perfect when closed

As you can see in this last photo i scuffed the paint a bit when I drilled out the screw holes (and the glue still didn’t dry properly since I did this literally 10 minutes ago)

The screw holes will be filled out with black milliput, smoothed out, and i will probaby sand and repant the whole back section (update will be posted when applicable :smiley:)

Super simple mod done in 15 minutes.


Yep, did that a while back (it’s here somewhere on the forum). I hated those crap stock bottles.


Smoothing out the screw holes on the cover (WiP)

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The cover got sanded with 360 grit (dry), 600 grit (dry), 1000 grit (wet) and 2000 grit (wet) and is now ready for paint:

360 grit

600 grit

1000 grit

2000 grit

tomorrow primer and paint :slight_smile:


Primer (2 coats after taking a few blemishes out in the first coat)

And paint :slight_smile:

The color I went with is Arctic blue - dark metallic blue that was used on certain WWII airplanes.


Almost done :smiley:


That looks awesome, good job! :+1:

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Thanks man!


Very nice, looks better than new.
Great workmanship.


Thanks man!