FW Creamy Hazelnut?

Does anyone know if FW creamy hazelnut has a chocolate taste to it? I just ordered fw hazelnut, but there are a few recipes that I’d like to try that call for creamy hazelnut. I’m considering picking up the creamy hazelnut too, but only if it’s not chocolaty… The picture on ecigexpress showed a chocolate spread (looked like nutella) which made me wonder.


Hmmm, doesn’t seem to have a chocolate note:

Creamy and delicious, not quite the level of awesome as regular FW Hazelnut, but both have their positions in recipes. This one pairs up with coffee and cake flavors very well. Perfect for my Puddings, custards and tobacco recipes.


Yeah I couldn’t find anything else about chocolate, but ecx’s description says:

I just really hate chocolate vapes, didn’t want to risk it. Lol I ended up just getting 10ml to test it.