Full disclosure on liquid ingredients

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I’m interested in the rules on vape ingredients. Contrary to what I read on strict rules in the Uk on naming all ingredients for e-liquids on labels, I find the listings on many bottles is very vague. How can I know that the product doesn’t contain the more questionable ingredients like Diacetyl? There are a lot of myths out there and lots of sellers taking advantage of this with ‘safer’ products they are punting. I understand that the above ingredient is banned in the Uk but how do I know I’m not buying an imported product in the Uk that contains Diacetyl ??


@Grog, welcome to the VC. I’m not 100% up on what the labeling requirements are in the UK, but surely @steampugs, @grubby, @woftam can chime in here.


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In regards to DAAP (Diacetyl, Acetoin or Acetyl Propionyl), you will find that any use in Europe is governed by the TPD (and ingredients have to be declared) so any European made e-liquid will not contain Diacetyl. E-liquid from other imported sources may contain DAAP however most (if not all) of the manufacturers in the USA also moved away from using DAAP containing flavours in their liquids.

I believe that if it is for sale in the UK/EU then the liquid must not contain DAAP however if you imported it yourself from another country then it will be pot luck to some degree.


That’s a really helpful reply, thank you!


Are you looking to mix or buy ready made liquids?
Most flavor-for-mixing websites also have a note if the flavor contains anything like diacetyl…
Read before buying :slight_smile:


Federally in Canada, diacetyl is not prohibited. Sorry you guys bought into that myth. :cowboy_hat_face:

These are the only prohibited ingredients at this time; Amino acids, Caffeine, Colouring agents, Essential fatty acids, Glucuronolactone, Probiotics, Taurine, and Mineral nutrients. Except prescription vaping substances and vaping substances that are manufactured or sold for export.


Never bought into the DAAP bs personally, I’m just providing the info. I don’t think there is or ever was an issue with DAAP and I still use it, however, taste aside it is an avoidable substance so those that choose to can if they want.


@woftam by guys I meant governments. Sorry for the bad wording.

At a provincial level, and I’m in Ontario, there’s NO age limit for smoking or vaping for the Indigenous Canadians. And it shocked my wife to see a family of 5 (youngest being around 12) standing outside a hotel all smoking. (Because it’s apparently used in ceremonies).


@Wayneo … that is about the same here too…
well for the Indians here, I have seen them as young as 9!


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