Freemax Maxpod circle review -by Resistance

Greetings fellow vapers.

The FreeMax MaXpod Circle.

Box with specs. and warnings and warranty cards, two pods and a silver chain.

Now being a pod system lover myself due to ease of use and the fact that MTL rocks!. I have nothing bad to comment on this little pod.

The shape might be odd to some and it might only appeal to certain vapers, but I had no problem walking around with a medallion around my neck.

That said, the flavour off this little device doesn’t fall short of its predecessors. Compared to the (Originally released) MaXpod, I must say that the flavour I got is slightly better and coupled with a better throat hit.(subjective)

The 2ml capacity pod utilizes SaltCoilTech 2.0. The NS Mesh with a combination of tea fiber cotton and organic cotton 66.66-33.34% ratio that can be used with both salts and freebase MTL liquids. (non replaceable coil) but can handle 6-8 refills. I have refilled more than that on fruit flavoured e-juice and the flavour is still good.

Out of interest sake and curiosity a 3mg DL juice performed wonders in there- Adequate vape coupled with a rather unexpected satisfying throat hit.

The 1.5ohm NS Mesh coil was designed with flavour in mind. Its compatible with most flavour profiles of various viscosity and can handle 50/50, 40/60 and 60/40 salts juices and 70/30, to 80/30 freebase juices.

It is draw activated (easy draw), but has the option to be button activated . The switch also switches the Maxpod on and off with 5 clicks. Using the button also secured a warmer and richer vape than without the button (subjective ,but not by much). Probably because it fires before you actually draw on the pod. Either way the vape off the Circle pod is still good.

I’ve used this Circle pod solely as a main vape for a day and then coupled with the (original) MaXpod for a few days and I had no disappointments. Charging is quick enough +/- 35mins and it lasts majority of the day on a single charge despite it only sporting a 550mah power pack.

Its is a 3.7V, constant output(10W) pod and towards the end of the battery cycle there’s a slight voltage drop (barely noticeable), but at that time its about time to recharge the pod.

The pods are smokey, but clear enough to see the juice level and when its low the pod can be tilted to inspect. Upon removing and inserting the pod a white light flashes. And when charging a solid green light and then flashes at the last bit of charging and then finally cuts off when full. Refilling is easy through the side of the pod and the rubber bung closes the fill port perfectly.

The pods are leakproof and not a drop condensation throughout usage.

Operating lights are green, blue and red. We all know what a red light means (recharge)

All in all this is another great release by @Freemax.

I am using it every day either as a main or as backup.

Will I recommend it, Yes. This is a good backup for the MTL vaper or the MTL vaper only using pods systems and will be an awesome vape for the times when clouds are a big No (stealth vaping).

This is my views after using the Circle pod. Vaping differs from individual to individual and could be quite subjective.

I would like to thank @Freemax and Tina from Freemax for allowing me the opportunity to review the Maxpod Circle. I have also used this Maxpod circle for+/- 2 months without issues.

Further info can be found on the Freemax site

Thanks for reading.

this is my first review here so all comments are welcomed. Thanks


A very unique setup for your first review @Resistance. I like the fact that you really put it through it’s paces before/while reviewing it. Nicely done. :slight_smile:


Thanks brother.
I believe, why buy it if it’s not going to survive everyday use and everyday environments. Alot of people find it hard to purchase vape gear and then comes the feeling of when it breaks on you. I appreciate your input brother. Thanks for that.


Great Review @Resistance :call_me_hand:


I couldn’t agree MORE !!!

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@Resistance, I think about ALL of the mods, tanks, etc. I’ve dropped over the years, and I WONDER, if I only had them attached to a chain !!



I wonder if it comes in gold, be a nice pc of Bling :star_struck:


Dude, I could have saved SOOO much money (breakage)…


Yeah Ya just need a Gold Maxpod circle on there !



I could use one of these bad boys


Ahhh fuck, now you’re making me want one now.


It will suit you perfect :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Oh shoot they don’t have a gold one YET, still looks good though:

8VAPE has them in stock for $26.88



Would you look at That…