Forced transition from e-cig to vaping. Advice please

Hi all. New member alert and I’m in desperate need of some expert advice and guidance please.

Apologies in advance for ‘war and peace’ but the detail is I fear necessary! 9 years ago i successfully transitioned from a 20 a day smoker to a e-cig user (specifically the original E-lites / Logic cigarette mimic with the tip that lights up). Tobacco flavour 18mg nicotine strength. All was well until Logic recently decided to discontinue the original range. Since then I have been trialing their remaining products, a tank type vape and a capsule pen type with various liquids. Again all seemed ok at first however I began to develop really bad headaches that got that bad that my teeth and gums began to hurt also. I also had a feeling of anxiety / tension which felt like a vicious circle with the headache. I figured it could be that the nicotine level was too strong so reduced from 18mg to 12mg but unfortunately the same net result. A local vape shop owner has advised that the headaches could be a result of the pg/vg ratio and having checked with Logic the original product was 50:50 however the other products I trialed were 70:30 in favour of pb. Do members agree that this higher pb ratio could be the reason for the headaches? The shop owner also said that Nicotine strength will vary per device and that a tank product would give a much stronger hit than the e-cig I was used to. Does this also sound correct? If so I fear the habit I have gotten into through 9 years of using the e.cig ie: regular puffing, pretty much in continuous use, when transitioned to the heavier hitting vapes means that I am getting a much bigger hit of nicotine which in turn could be behind the headaches, tense feeling etc? If so do you think if I went down to 6mg nicotine I maybe able to get away with taking more regular puffs before the headaches etc kick in? I currently have a stash of the old ecigs which I am having to revert back to but they will run out in about another 2 weeks time and that ticking clock is making anxious that I haven’t secured an alternative that works for me. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks.


First off welcome I’m newish aswell and don’t often comment which I should do more .I’m no doc but my wife has a pg allergy,pg gives her headaches and stomach cramps.the anxiety I found when I over vaped high NIC heart ponding and cold sweats,this is only a surgestion and a possibile help 2ml pod device (I use caliburn from uwell) witha70/30 vg/pg @a lower mlg this might be a learning curve for you to find ya happy point .then you can go down the rabbit hole of flavour and all the Shinny this we all hold so dear .
Hope this is of help


Hey there @SimFow and welcome to the VC forums.

I’m far from being the most experienced vaper on these forums but judging by what you have said, I would say that it most likely is the higher hits of nicotine which is causing these headaches. I’ve never heard of PG giving headaches before but saying that, I’ve never heard of ejuice made with 70/30 with the 70 being PG. It’s usually always the other way around with the VG being the higher of the two but like I said, I’m no expert on these things.

What I would suggest is, if you have a regulated mod with adjustable wattage, try vaping at a lower wattage which should give a less harsh nicotine hit. If you don’t have a regulated mod, I would suggest grabbing one as soon as you can as these allow you to tailor the vape a lot more to your liking rather than having no control over anything at all other than how long you hold the fire button for.

I myself vape pretty much all day long unless I’m busy or in the car with the gf or whatever and I’ve never experienced any headaches or anything at all. I vape with juice I make myself though which has a relatively low amount of nicotine of 3mg per ml.

I’m not sure if you would be allergic or not as the chances are that the ecigs you’ve been using all this time had PG in them as well but I can’t be sure as I’ve never used one myself.

Maybe you could try with the lowest level nicotine juice you can get hold of and see if the problem is still there. If it is, then it’s likely not the nicotine and could be related to the PG or even the VG if you have some allergy to either.

It’s usually better to start low and work your way up until you find what you are most comfortable with.

I’m sure someone with more experience than me will chime in here soon enough and prove everything I said to be completely wrong and give you much better advice :smiley:


Much appreciated advice, thank you. I am going to do a tour of the various vape shops in the area tomorrow and will look into the devices with variable control and as suggested try the lower nicotine strength options. Albeit a relative novice it seems to make sense that with a lower nicotine strength I’ll be able to puff more frequently without overdoing the nicotine. Trial and error. Thanks again


Much appreciated, thanks